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  • Stainless Steel Materials

    The principle material used in D&D Hardware products is Stainless Steel. Other material such as brass, zinc alloy or other material are also used for specific site requirements or aesthetic reasons.D&D products are manufactured from a high corrosion resistant Chrome-Nickel Stainless Steel combinatio

  • Door Hinges for Door System First

    Door hardware has a very important position in the modern complex function construction project. Door hinges for door system first.Now let's talk about what problems we should pay attention to in the process of installing the hinge.1. Simply understand the structure of the hingeThe most popular and

  • How to Clean Brass Hinges

    Keeping brass hinges shiny and clean is very important. But over time, they might acquire a bit of grime or tarnish. Do you want to clean brass hinges by yourself? Now there are six ways which can help you clean them. 1. Wipe the brass hinge with soapy water.Mix hot water with a few drops of liquid

  • Composition Effects on The Magnetic Permeability of Austenitic Stainless Steels

    IntroductionAustenitic stainless steels are generally non-magnetic with magnetic permeabilities of around 1.0. Permeabilities above 1.0 are associated with the amount of either ferrite or martensite phases present in the 'austenitic' steel and so depend on:chemical composition· cold work



  • Acceptable Quality Limit(AQL) Standard

    Quality StandardsWe use the internationally recognized Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standard for all product inspections. For each inspection, this allows the client to set their acceptable quality tolerance levels.Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL)D&D Inspectors exclusively use ISO 2859 tables to mea


    ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS Are classified under the same classifications as the doorhardware in/on which they are integrated .This means thatthe access control systems supplied by GBM Solutions isclassified according to EN1303 –cylinder for locks ,DINEN 18252 –locking cylinder for door locks

  • What Is a Flag Hinge?

    A flag hinge is a piece of hardware used to allow movement of two pieces of material. They are commonly used on various types of doors to facilitate directional movement; the flag hinge itself is usually mounted on a vertical plane, thereby allowing horizontal movement of a door or other piece of ma

  • Different Product Rang of the Pinning Center

    The D&D pinning Center is staffed by factory trained technicians and isequipped with the latest computerized software and key cutting machinery FeaturesBS EN 1303-2005 performance testedQuality solid brass body and plug30 degree offset cam inhibits knock throughAnti pick key profile Large rang of k

  • Introduction Grade 3 Lever Handle

    Introduction Grade 3 Lever HandleD&D grade 3 level handle are suitable for high frequency of use by public or others with little incentive to exercise care and with a high chance of misuse , e.g.public office doors ,common area doors etc. FeaturesGrade 304 stainless Steel .Distinctive “Snap

  • Frequency of Door Usage and Standard for Lock

    Guidelines for frequency of door usage and standard for lock
    Build type
    Daily usage
    Yearly usageStandard for lock
    High frequency & Heavy weight door
    Large department store entrance

    ANSI standard
    Hospital corridor and surgical

  • Door Locks Standard

    Door Locks Standard ·American National Standard Institute(ANSI)·European(EN)·Australian Standard(AS)·CNACL China Local Fire Test Beauer Certificate CANCL to be satisfiedHardware-Cycle Test Product EN ANSILockset

  • Mortise Lock Components

    D&D Hardware Mortise Locks are meet EN12209,according to DIN 18250, 18251, suitable for commercial, industrial and prestigious residential projects and provide different functions to meet various applications.

  • How to fix blocked door locks?

    In general, as long as there are doors, locks are needed, and locks are an integral part of any place. A door lock can protect the personal belongings are not violated, so to ensure the integrity of the lock is important.


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