In order to meet the customer's demand for a range of manufacturing door hardware, we offer various products, such as door closers hardware, stainless steel SS 304 door locks, best fire rated door hardware, solid door handle hardware and so on. We adhere to the principle of "Quality is our life" to manufacture commercial door hardware, continue to improve the processing techniques to meet the requirements of our customers in both China and the other countries. As a professional China commercial door hardware manufacturers, we provide customers the best service and products, our architectural​ hardware products have been sold in many places and have a good reputation, so it must be your best choice.


Hot Sale Door Hardware With Fire Rated

Here are the hot sale fire rated door hardware of D&D, which have been tested the fire resistant to the international industry standards to meet your demands, including CE,BS EN1634,UL 10C etc. 

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Bathroom Door Lock

In order to provide customers pleasant and safe shower experience, we especially design the bathroom door lock. The probability of out of the bathroom is large, and the hand may be wet, so the basic characteristic of bathroom door lock is that it has excellent corrosion resistance and ariron. Because the apartment layout is different, the size of door is also different, so you have to choose the right size of toilet door locks, the material should be anti-rust, such as stainless steel. It is a current building regulation that any lock fitted to bathroom door must be capable of being opened from the outside in an emergency. Hence, please ensure you fit appropriate door furniture which allows for quick release of door lock in an emergency. You can select the relevant products from our website to match your bathroom door lock. As a professional door lock manufacturer, we guarantee all products' quality, trust us and we won’t let you down.

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