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To ensure the quality consistent, D&D inspect and well-control each procedure throughout the mass-production.
  1. To ensure the material component follows the ASTM standard, D&D use spectrometer to check the stainless steel raw material before production.
We also do the hardness testing for the product if necessary.
2. D&D use measuring tools to check the product in each procedure throughout the mass-production to ensure the dimension of product meet customer’s requirement.
measuring tools
3. D&D arrange Quality control department in each step of the mass-production to ensure each production fulfill their duty to produce well-product.

4. D&D use salt spray testing machine to test the product, to ensure it meet specific corrosion-resistance requirement.
salt spray

5. D&D test products on testing machine very often to ensure products meeting CE / UL / ANSI standard.
Hinge testing-D&D

6. D&D use 2D and 3D drawing to communicate with customer, which is clearly and accurately.

Base on above six quality control steps, D&D proudly says that “D&D commitment to quality”

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