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  • Why need to do the fire rated door building inspection?

    The building inspection services help identify critical fire, life safety and security building improvements needed to achieve code compliance with the ultimate goal of achieving fire, life safety and security of the building. During everyday use, a fire door seems just like any other door. But when

  • What are the Requirements for Fire Door Hinges?

    Fire doors are a very important safety feature of any building. Fire door require the use of high-quality fire protection hinge. So what are the requirements for high-quality fire-proof Hinges? 1.Heat ResistanceFire doors are generally heavy enough to provide the proper fire protection, and to ensur

  • 240 minute / 4 hour fire rated door hardware

    Fire rated doors are required in numerous areas of a commercial buildings. Metal fire doors can attain ratings up to 3 hours where wood fire doors can be rated up minutes. Not all doors in a commercial building need to be fire rated. Fire rated door requirements are typically determined by the fire

  • Fire Rated Double Door Hardware

    D&D Hardware Manufacture of high quality hardware for Fire Rated Doors, Wooden Doors, Metal Doors, Escape Doors, Single Fire Rated Flush Doors, Double Doors, Security Doors, Louver Steel Doors etc.Our products which include Panic Exit Device, Lever Handles, Mortise Locks, Lock Cylinder, Door Hinges,

  • 90 minutes fire rated door hardware

    The fire rating classification of the wall into
    which the door is installed dictates the required
    fire rating of the door. The location of the wall in
    the building and prevailing building code establish
    the wall’s fire rating. The associated door
    ratings are shown in table 1 below.

  • When do you need a fire rated door?

    Fire rated doors serve a purpose. They are manufactured in a way that is to help reduce the spread of fire and smoke. Fire rated doors allow occupants time to safely exit the structure during a fire or to allow for an area of refuge within the building that protects them until fire service can arrive. These doors are also part of the building's design and serve to protect fire service personnel during fire suppression. When the door is not properly latched in its frame it loses its effectiveness. When they are not properly maintained they are of no value during a fire making the design and purpose of the door obsolete.

  • How to Designed Fire Door Hardware to Save Lives?

    How to Choose Fire Hardware for Fire Rated Metal Door?

  • What is the difference between non fire rated and fire rated door hardware?

    There can be confusion in the marketing of door hardware when it comes to products that are "fire rated". When you scan through a suppliers catalog you will often find the notation that the hardware is "fire rated". But non fire rated door Hardware and fire rated door Hardware are two different types of door device.

  • UL Fire Rated Door Hardware

    UL is an acronym for Underwriters Laboratories Inc. which is an independent product safety certification organizations. UL develops standards by which they test door hardware to verify that it meets certain safety requirements during use, or in the event of a fire or other circumstances.

  • Fire Rated Door Hardware Installation

    Fire doors are an important part of a building's passive fire protection system, and doors in a means of egress provide life safety by allowing people to exit quickly when necessary. So you need fire rated door hardware which can protect life safety with fire rated door.

  • 2 hours fire rated door

    1 Hour Fire Door and 2 Hour Fire Door TestingThe performance of 1 hour or 2 hour fire doors is assessed by stress testing them in conditions specified in British Standards 476 part 22:1987. These tests are made on fire door assemblies and frame which is fixed onto a wall. The test consists of a full

  • 3 hours fire rated door hardware

    A fire can be devastating to company property, but it doesn’t have to be if you take into account fire-rated wood doors. With the right products, a fire can be controlled to minimize damage and provide safety to employees and customers.

  • What are the fire rated door hardware requirements and specifications?

    Fire doors can help compartmentalize a building, prevent the spread of smoke and flames, and protect egress routes to allow for safe escape. However, they must be properly specified, installed, and maintained to provide the necessary protection. As a professional door hardware manufacturer in China, we provide customers various quality fire rated door hardware.

  • Fire Rated Sliding Door Hardware

    Fire rated for use on single doors the Marathon Fire Door Kit is a system developed as part of a half hour sliding fire door assembly to BS 476: Part 22: 1987, and should be installed on the non-fire risk side of an aperture. The assembly must be fitted with a solid core FD30, or FD60, timber based

  • Fire Rated Exit Door Hardware

    Fire-rated exit devices, on the other hand, are constructed of flame resistant materials. They are composed of metals and other materials which will not melt or break under extreme heat for at least 1-3 hours. All components, including screws, must be heat and flame resistant.These devices tend to

  • Door Closer CE EN 1154

    The power of a door closer should relate to the width and weight of the Door onto which it is to be fitted. The chart opposite provides a guide to selecting the appropriate product.

  • How to choose the fire rated door hardware?

    Fire has always been a hidden danger in our lives, so now many public places and families will be equipped with stainless steel fire doors, so that in the event of fire, we can better ensure the safety of our lives. Now let's get to know the characteristics of metal fire door and the selection guide

  • International Standards of Fire Rated Door

    Fire rated door refers to the door that can meet the requirements of fire stability, integrity and thermal insulation in a certain period of time, together with the frame. Fire door is one of the measures for building fire prevention separation. They are usually used on fire walls, stairwell entranc

  • What are requirements for a fire rated door hardware?

    Fire rated doors can meet fire resistance stability, integrity and insulation for a certain period of time. It is a fireproof partition with certain fire resistance, such as in fire compartments, evacuation stairwells, and vertical shafts.

    In addition to the function of ordinary doors, fire doors have the function of preventing the spread of fire and the spread of smoke, which can prevent the spread of fire for a certain period of time and ensure the evacuation of personnel.

  • What kind of door hardware is suitable for fire rated doors?

    Fire rated doors meet the requirements of fire resistance stability, integrity and insulation for a certain period of time. With more and more modern high-rise buildings, fire doors that can greatly protect the lives of people play a vital role. .Fire doors have three main functions:1. When the fire

  • Fire Rated Door Hardware Specification Configuration Principle

    As we all know, fire rated hardware is the heart of a fire rated door. The normal open and close of the door is inseparable from the tacit cooperation of each fire rated hardware accessory. If a fire rated door is not used with a complete door system, it cannot pay a role as a door. We will explain

  • Architecture Hardware for Metal Door

    Metal doors, most commonly used in buildings, have changed from being used outdoors to being used indoors (instead of wooden doors).

    Hardware is the most important determinant of Metal Door Quality.

    Let's introduce the hardware commonly used for Metal Doors.

  • Butts and Hinges with ANSI/BHMA A156.1

    1.S1.1 This Standard establishes requirements for lightweight, standard weight, heavy weight and detention hinges. Cycle tests, lateral and vertical wear tests, friction tests, strength tests, finish tests, and material and dimensional requirements are included.1.2 Tests described in this Standard a

  • How To Select And Install the Door Hinge Properly?

    Door hinges, one of the hardware accessories, are used to connect or rotate the device so that the door can be freely opened and closed by hinges. There are many types of door hinges, such as fire rated door hinges, metal door hinges, European door hinges, etc. In general, the hinge is composed of a

  • D&D Team participated in the DHI Seminar on Architectural Hardware

    In order to assist customers find the Right Door Opening Solutions, D&D Team often participate in Architectural Hardware Association Training, strengthen the door hardware Professional knowledge, skills and competitiveness. On July 11, D&D team participated in the Architectural Hardware Seminar held

  • Is there a difference between interior and exterior door hinges?

    A door, a building entrance or exit, or a device that can be opened and closed at the entrance and exit, is an entity that divides a limited space and can connect and block the entrance and exit of two or more spaces. Doors can be classified into interior doors and exterior doors. Functionally speak

  • What are Metal Door Hardwares?

    Why Metal Doors need Special Hardware Matching?

  • Door Hinges for Door System First

    Door hardware has a very important position in the modern complex function construction project. Door hinges for door system first.Now let's talk about what problems we should pay attention to in the process of installing the hinge.1. Simply understand the structure of the hingeThe most popular and

  • How Qualified D&D Team can assist customers find the Right Solution?-D&D Hardware

    In order to provide professional assistance to our customers to find the most suitable solution, we have product knowledge training every month. The trainer is a door hardware engineer with more than 12 years of work experience in the industry. ­­Through these trainings, our teams not only can bet

  • How to choose suitable door handles?

    hoose door handles according to local conditions

  • How to adjust a door hinge

    The door can be said to be very important furniture, every place needs to use the door, so, the door hinge is very important, if the door hinge damage or wear, the door will not be easy to open, next let me introduce you how to adjust a door hinge.Here is the content list:l How to adjust the pendan

  • Don't let inferior quality hardware hurt your door!

    Interior doors is anywhere in our daily life, they are used as building materials frequently, so the door hardware must strictly pass quality test. Consumers should pay more attention to the concept of green environmental protection, because there are many people choose and buy the aluminum alloy in

  • Interior wooden door hinge installation method

    Hinges, is an important part of the furniture, is related to function and service life of furniture. The specifications with function increasingly rich, the hinge is multifarious, but plus ca change or after installation to ensure that the products use safety and comfort. Let us know the butt door h

  • How To Choose The Right Metal Door Hardware Solution-D&D Hardware

    How do you choose Metal door hardware? Many people are confused with the choice of metal door ironmongery. Metal door hardware includes Door Hinges,Lever Handles, Mortise Locks, Pull plates,Door Closers,Panic Exit Devices, Flush Bolts, Door Stoppers, Sealing Strips and so on. The ironmongery for met


    D&D Hardware: ANSI Grade 1 Door Hinge
    ★ Tested to over 2,500,000 cycles = Durability
    ★UL Listed : 3 hours Fire Rated, Suitable for Fire/Smoke Resistant Doors
    ★ For Metal Doors, Fire rated Doors, Wooden Doors etc.
    ★ Suitable for Education, Healthcare, Hospitality and Commercial Applications.

  • Why Choose Stainless Steel 304 Door Locks?--D&D Hardware

    In front of the lock forms on the market, many consumers are confused; don't know how to choose the stainless steel door lock to be both safe and durable?From the material---Aluminum alloy door lock: The product material is mainly composed of a variety of metal elements, which is extremely easy to b

  • The key to buying an indoor door lock - Pay attention to the lock cylinder, lock body!

    In modern home decoration, there are often some inconspicuous parts that play an important role. And we often overlook the importance of them, know that there is a problem, and everyone began to pay attention, then it was already late. Among them, there are indoor door locks that are often overlooke

  • How to Select Stainless Steel?

    Selection of Stainless Steel Suitable for Environment

  • BS EN1303 Cylinders for locks

    1. Category of useOne category is identified. Grade 1For use by people with a high incentive to exercise care and with a small chance of mis-use.2. DurabilityThree grades are identified according to the number of test cycles achieved Grade 425 000 CyclesGrade 550 000 CyclesGrade 6100000 Cycles 3. Do

  • Is stainless steel 304 non-magnetic?

    It is commonly stated that “stainless steel is non-magnetic”. This is not strictly true and the real situation is rather more complicated. The degree of magnetic response or magnetic permeability is derived from the microstructure of the steel. A totally non-magnetic material has a relative magnetic

  • How to identify Stainless Steel 304 Grade or 316 Grade?

    When selecting stainless steel hardware, it is important to understand the differences between the variety of grades and finishes available so you can choose the products that will work most safely and effectively for your purposes. It’s difficult to distinguish between these two types of steel visually, but significant differences between the two steel types do exist and are important to understand.Below is a basic guide to the similarities and differences of 304 grade and 316 grade stainless steel.1. CompositionThe first key difference between 304 grade stainless steel and 316 grade stainless steel relates to composition. Steels are classified in part based on chromium and alloy content and crystalline structure. Austenitic steel – also known as 300 series steel – contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This type of steel is incredibly common; about 70% of stainless steel products are composed of austenitic steel. 304 grade stainless steel is considered to be austenitic, while 316 grade

  • Why Chinese New Year Affect your Business?

    Chinese New Year”, Also called the “Spring Festival”, is the most important festival in Mainland China , Hong Kong , Macao , Taiwan and Singapore . It’s the Christmas or Ramadan or Diwali of China only on a bigger bigger scale. The date is decided based on the lunar calendar , So the exact date vari

  • What should i consider when buying an Exterior Door Handle?

    When buying door handle, you need to pay attention to essential elements. The essential elements will help you to choose the right exterior door handle to fit your needs. As the most important feature of a door it can be the showpiece of the front of a home. It is a functional and beautiful for any door; however, the perfect front door handle can be difficult to locate. All in all, the right exterior door handle needs to be durable and elegant and needs to fit all of your home's needs.

  • Stainless Steel Materials

    The principle material used in D&D Hardware products is Stainless Steel. Other material such as brass, zinc alloy or other material are also used for specific site requirements or aesthetic reasons.D&D products are manufactured from a high corrosion resistant Chrome-Nickel Stainless Steel combinatio

  • EURO Mortise Locks- CE Certificate-BS EN 12209

    EURO Mortice locks- CE CertificateThe D&D rang of architectural lock is manufactured to the highest engineering standards and designed to offer a high price/performance ratio .They have been successfully type tested to all the requirement of BS EN 12209.Features Stainless steel forend and strike pl

  • ANSI and EN Hinge Comparison

    Hinges Standard: ANSI & EN American National Standard Institute (ANSI) ANSI 156.1ItemANSI 156.1
    Cycle-testGrade 1-2,500,000Grade 2-1,500,000Grade 3-350,000Fire TestPass UL 10 C 3 hours fire testAnti-corrosionSalt Spray Test 200 hoursEuropean (EN) EN1935-2002ItemIndexDescriptionCategory of use1-


    DATA SHEETSANSI/BHMA A156.1:2016AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD FORBUTTS AND HINGESModel: DDSS001- 4.5x4.5x4.6mm-4BBGrade: 1Hinge height: 4.5 InchesDoor Weight: 150 lbs DateCycle CountTech2018/06/280Fingal Zhang2018/07/10211,440Fingal Zhang2018/07/19460,147Fingal Zhang2018/07/30750,556Fingal

  • BS EN 1906 Lever Handles and Knob Furniture

    BS EN 1906 Lever handles and knob furnitureBS EN 1906 classifies door furniture by using an 8 digit coding system .A similar classification applies to all building hardware productStandards so that complementary items of hardware can be specified to , for instance , a common level of corrosion resi

  • BS EN1154-Door Closer

    DIN EN1154-DOOR CLOSER Door closers need to be tested /certified according to DIN EN1154 code system ,The standard classifies door closers by Menans of a 6 dirit coding system .The digits relate to a particularFeature of the product measured against the standard performance requirements Digit 1 &nd

  • Emergency Exit Doors Constructed According to The EN 1125

    Emergency exit doors constructed according to the EN 1125 Should provide a means of escape in panic situations – in –Clduing people who are not acquainted with the environment and handing of such doors. DIN EN1125 – PANIC EXIT DEVICES (BAR) The standard defines the requirements wi


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