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  • What is Panic bar and How to choose right model for Fire rated door

    For further information about door hinge or any of our services, click here.Contact us Now:Contact: David JianMob: 0086-139 2903 7292Email:, sales@dndhardware.comJobby ZhangMob: 0086-137 2599 9617Email:

  • How to repair emergency door lock

    Have you ever been locked out of your house before? It’s not a fun experience. If you have an emergency door lock, you may be able to get back in without having to call a locksmith. In this blog post, we will explore how to repair an emergency door lock. We will also discuss when you should call a locksmith instead of trying to fix the problem yourself.

  • How to install emergency door lock

    In this blog post, we will show you how to install an emergency door lock​. This is a quick and easy project that anyone can do in about an hour. We will walk you through the necessary steps, including what tools you will need and how to measure for the correct size.

  • What is the commercial door hardware?

    Commercial Door Hardware is the general term for the various metal and non-metal fittings that are installed on the doors of buildings. It helps to open and close doors and windows. Its surface is usually plated or coated and is robust, durable, flexible, economical, and aesthetically pleasing. Here

  • What are the requirements for Commercial Door Hardware?

    The development of Commercial Door Hardware is closely linked to the evolution of the type of commercial door and the way it opens. This evolution has been motivated by an awareness of the function of doors and a consideration of their convenience. Not only are there now requirements for commercial

  • The importance of Commercial Door Hardware

    Very often, people are often misled by the "matching" of accessories, and over time, the misconception that Commercial Door Hardware is "supporting" or "insignificant" is formed. In fact, in the "room" industry of commercial doors, hardware fittings are the core of commercial doors. The quality of C

  • How to install Commercial Door Hardware?

    Installing Commercial Door Hardware is not difficult, but it is not simple. This is something that needs to be done very carefully. Usually, commercial door salesmen will help with the installation, which not only saves trouble but also has a much smaller possibility of problems. But it's also good

  • How to choose Commercial Door Hardware?

    Hardware is inseparable from our commercial doors. They can be found on every commercial door. Commercial Door Hardware mainly includes seals, half-moon locks, sliding braces, and pulleys. These are all common to us. Now let's take a look at how to choose accessories for Commercial Door Hardware.Her

  • What to look for when installing Hidden Door Hinges?

    The hardest part of invisible doors is addressing the self-closing mechanism, the hinge that closes automatically. The Hidden Door Hinge is one of the hardware parts of the invisible door, which is related to the closing and opening effect of the invisible door. Its installation is also important an

  • Introduction to Hidden Door Hinges

    Do you know what a Door HiHidden Hinge is? Have you ever heard of them? A Hidden Door Hinge is an invisible hinge. They are used to open and close doors and are an indispensable accessory for doors. To give you a clearer understanding of Hidden Door Hinge, I would like to give you a detailed introdu

  • How to replace Hidden Door Hinges?

    Hidden Door Hinges play an important role in our daily lives. In the home, they protect the privacy of family members. Replacing Hidden Door Hinges can be a priceless project for those who enjoy DIY. So how do you replace Hidden Door Hinges? Let me explain to you.This is the list of contents:·Use wo

  • How to install Hidden Door Hinges?

    Hidden Door Hinges play an important role in everyday life and every door depends on them for support. Door hinges provide the first line of defense for family members living inside the house, protecting them from inclement weather. And on the inside of the home, they allow family members to enjoy p

  • What are the types of Hydraulic Door Closer ?

    A Hydraulic Door Closer is a common household appliance, mainly used in our fire doors. Now many home renovations will use. But there are many types of Hydraulic Door Closer, so how do we choose them? Here follow me to see what kinds of door closers!

  • What are the considerations for Hydraulic Door Closer?

    Hydraulic Door Closer are used in a wide range of applications in our lives. It is mainly used in commercial and public buildings, but also domestic applications. Its function is to keep the door closed in the event of a fire, thus preventing the spread of fire. Scientific use is the only way to ensure safety, so what are the precautions for the use of Hydraulic Door Closer ?

  • Introduction to Hydraulic Door Closer

    Modern Hydraulic Door Closer (or door closers for short) began with a patent registered by the Americans in the early twentieth century. They differ from traditional door closers by throttling the fluid in the door closer to achieve a cushioning effect. The core of the Hydraulic Door Closer design concept is to achieve control of the closing process so that the various functional indicators of the closing process can be adjusted according to human needs. So what is the working principle of Hydraulic Door Closer next I'll take a look at it?

  • How do we choose Hidden Door Hinges?

    Doors are essential in home decoration, but nowadays many people choose Hidden Door Hinges for the aesthetics of their homes, the role of Hidden Door Hinges is to make their whole decoration look clean and tidy. So Hidden Door Hingess in the purchase need to choose how to choose? Take a look below w

  • How to install and adjust the function of the Hydraulic Door Closer

    Hydraulic Door Closer are something that is generally more common in some public places because they can be closed automatically and are more convenient. However, there are many people who are not clear about the installation method and the adjustment function of Hydraulic Door Closer, so today we will give you a detailed introduction in the hope that it can help you.

  • How to buy a Hydraulic Door Closer

    In the event of a fire, a Hydraulic Door Closer can prevent the fire from spreading and can buy more time to escape. A Hydraulic Door Closer is a common household appliance, that most of the families in the decoration of the time will use, Hydraulic Door Closer role is also clear to everyone, so in

  • Burglary door Rim Exit Device installation method?

    The burglar door Rim Exit Device body is a security door core component. To make our home life secure, the security door Rim Exit Device is to have strong and durable characteristics, at the same time, the security door Rim Exit Device must also be convenient to apply, if the security door Rim Exit

  • What is the classification of the Rim Exit Device?

    The Rim Exit Device is the center of the door lock and is an important part of the door lock. If the side of the door equipped with a lock is seen as a mouth, then the tongue is indeed like a tongue spitting in and out. The Rim Exit Device is divided into many kinds, there are oblique Rim Exit Device, square Rim Exit Device, anti-saw Rim Exit Device, and double hook Rim Exit Device, etc. The lock core is also divided into a single Rim Exit Device core and a multi-point Rim Exit Device core through the number of the Rim Exit Device. Can not imagine that the Rim Exit Device is so fancy! As with other technological products, the evolution of the lock tongue is also evolving with the times. In this article, we will introduce what kinds of locks are available.

  • Why should you look at the Rim Exit Device when choosing a smart lock?

    With the increasing standard of living, more and more people in the new home decoration, more consideration to improve the quality of life. So, smart locks gradually become the "standard" in home decoration, but most people tend to focus only on the lock cylinder and other components the Rim Exit Device is also very important. Today I will take you to understand the Rim Exit Device and the correct choice of the smart lock. When choosing a smart lock, we tend to focus on the lock core and other components, ignoring the examination of the Rim Exit Device. The Rim Exit Device has an important impact on the performance of the smart lock. Here we come together to understand the Rim Exit Device, an all-around examination of the performance of the smart lock.

  • What are the roles of the different types of Rim Exit Device?

    Rim Exit Device is one of the components of the lock, there are many kinds of Rim Exit Device, the common one-way Rim Exit Device, three-way Rim Exit Device, four-way Rim Exit Device, etc.. Generally used in security doors, responsible for the basic security work of the door, lock cylinder is to control the operation of the Rim Exit Device, the Rim Exit Device is responsible for opening the door and window and lock up the role of the security plays an important role. This article will introduce the main role of different types of locks.

  • Is door lock Rim Exit Device copper or stainless steel good?

    Rim Exit Device is a direct locking role in the lock components and is the final executor of the entire door lock system. Identification module, lock body, lock core these parts assembled, is to make the Rim Exit Device to do instant opening and closing. So a comprehensive understanding of the Rim Exit Device category, and selecting the use of appropriate Rim Exit Device, is necessary. Door locks are essential to protect our home security building materials, more and more door lock products are on the market, and as the core of the door lock, turn the tongue lock which is better to choose? This article will provide you with a comparison of the material is a good Rim Exit Device of copper and the material is stainless steel Rim Exit Device respective advantages and disadvantages.

  • Stainless Steel Door Hinge specifications

    As the name implies, Stainless Steel Door Hinge is a type of hinge hardware made from stainless steel. The stainless steel material referred to here is mainly 304 stainless steel, which is the most widely used material in practice and has the widest range of applications. Stainless steel hinges can

  • Introduction to Stainless Steel Door Hinge

    Hinges belong to a group of industrial fittings that are more specialized. A hinge is a functional hardware component that is used to connect the door to the door frame and, to a certain extent, to provide a load-bearing function. Particularly in the industrial sector, where doors are heavy, the hinges are required for load-bearing purposes. The Stainless Steel Door Hinge is made of stainless steel 304, which is corrosion-resistant, tough, and does not rust easily. This is why the Stainless Steel Door Hinge can be used both indoors and outdoors, which is one of its special features. Next, let's take a look at the properties, benefits, and buying tips of Stainless Steel Door Hinge. Here are some answers.

  • Components of the Stainless Steel Door Hinge price

    Stainless Steel Door Hinge is a type of hinge or hinge made of stainless steel. We can call it a hinge, a hinge hardware product that connects the door to the door frame and plays a certain load-bearing function. By stainless steel, we generally mean 304 stainless steel, which is one of the most widely used and increasingly popular materials. When it comes to the price of Stainless Steel Door Hinge, we need to elaborate on several aspects of the price of Stainless Steel Door Hinge from which factors, specifically the main raw materials, production processes, assembly, and processing technology. Here are some answers.

  • How is Stainless Steel Door Hinge

    Stainless Steel Door Hinge is one of the most widely used hinges. A hinge is a piece of hardware that links a door panel, a window panel, and a frame, without which the door or window would not function properly. Hinges are available in iron, steel, nylon, and stainless steel. Iron hinges are not strong in rust and corrosion resistance and will rust after some time; nylon hinges are strong in wear resistance, hinges are used very frequently and not strong in wear resistance and are easily damaged; steel hinges are high-grade hardware with good performance but expensive, and Stainless Steel Door Hinge is bright and shiny in appearance and high in corrosion resistance, and will not rust even when used in a humid environment. The Stainless Steel Door Hinge is the most cost-effective and is the best-selling product on the market today because it is robust and durable. Here are some answers.

  • Stainless Steel Door Hinge features, types, and uses

    The Stainless Steel Door Hinge is a type of hinge, also known as a hydraulic hinge, or stainless steel industrial hinge, which is a silent cushion hinge ideal for providing a cushioning effect using the cushioning properties of liquids. It relies on completely new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the door. The door closes slowly on its own from 60°, reducing the impact and creating a comfortable effect when closing. Even when the door is closed with force, it closes gently, ensuring a perfect, silent movement. Let's take a look at the features, types, and uses of the Stainless Steel Door Hinge. Here are some answers.

  • Types of Door Bolts

    Types of door bolts Door bolts provide a means of securing a door from the inside.Reasonable security is usually provided those inside the building without any means of operating the bolt from the outside. Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and brass are commonly used in the manufacture of bolts f

  • Door Stopper

    Like kick plates and armor plates, door stops are protection devices. Their purpose is to stop or stop and hold a door at the desired point of its opening cycle. This prevents damage to the door or door frame, its hardware and adjacent walls, furniture, columns or equipment. Types of stops that D&D

  • Understanding BS EN 1906 Lever handle & Knob

    Understanding the standard BS EN 1906:2012 Building hardware – Lever handles and knob furnitureWhat does the term “door furniture” mean?Door furniture is a term in general use meaning handles that operate the wide variety of locks and latches in today’s market place. The locks could be either mortis

  • UL Listed Fire Rated Door Closer - R40717

    Listed door closing device Fire-rated openings are used to compartmentalize a building or space to prevent the spread of flame, smoke and toxic gases. The 2019 edition of NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, establishes the criteria that fire-rated doors and frames must m

  • Door hardware for fire-rated openings

    Fire-rated openings are used to compartmentalize a building or space to prevent the spread of flame, smoke and toxic gases. The 2019 edition of NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives, establishes the criteria that fire-rated doors and frames must meet.NFPA 80 requires side hi

  • What is Template Drilled Hinge?

    Template drilled hinges originated because of the need for absolute accuracy of the fixing holes in metal doors and frames.This allows for doors and frames to be pre-prepared because hinges produced by different manufacturers will have the drillings in exactly the same positions.For template pattern

  • Intumescent Pads & Gasket

    Intumescent materials other than edge strips are used on fire resisting doors. For example, thin sheet material can provide insulation and protection: ◆ behind hinge blades ◆ around mortise lockcases ◆ around concealed door closers Intumescent pads can protect hinge positions. Various thicknesses ar

  • Can we use spring hinges as closing device on fire-resisting doors?

    What is spring hinge? Single action spring hinge:A spring hinge has a spring in its “knuckle”, which is larger than usual. The spring is linked to one flap at the top and the other flap at the bottom. Therefore, when the door opens, the spring is wound up, as the two flaps rotate apart. When the do

  • ANSI Heavy Duty Door Hinge with UL Listed-D&D Hardware

    DATA SHEETSANSI/BHMA A156.1:2016AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD FORBUTTS AND HINGESModel: DDSS001- 4.5x4.5x4.6mm-4BBGrade: 1Hinge height: 4.5 InchesDoor Weight: 150 lbs DateCycle CountTech2018/06/280Fingal Zhang2018/07/10211,440Fingal Zhang2018/07/19460,147Fingal Zhang2018/07/30750,556Fingal

  • What are self-closing door hinges?

    Self-closing door hinges are usually designed to ensure that the door can slowly close on its own after being opened. Although these hinges are relatively inconspicuous, they can actually be found in many large facilities, such as schools, shops, and hospitals. In some crises, such as fires, earthqu

  • What parts does Door hardware include?

    Door hardware includes knobs or handles and all latching and locking mechanisms. This is technically called a lock set whether or not the hardware contains a lock. Different lock-sets are designed for different applications. Once you have determined the decision on the type of lock set required for

  • Where does advantages of door hinge?

    Globally, the Door hinges market is expected to grow at a vital CAGR as its scope and applications are growing at a phenomenal rate. The Door hinges market categorizes the data by type, application, and marketing channel by segmentation.Research reports available on the internet analyze the market p

  • What are the features of Cylinders locks to BS EN 1303?

    This European standard applies to cylinders for such locks as are normally used in buildings and are designed to be used with cylinders. It identifies one category of use grade, three grades of durability, three grades of fire resistance, four grades of corrosion and temperature resistance, six grades of key security, and five grades of attack resistance.

  • The role of building hardware in fire-resisting and emergency escape doors

    Some items of building hardware are essential to ensure that the fire-resisting door stays closed in its frame in a fire emergency.

  • BS EN 12209: 2003/AC:2005 Locks and latches grades

    BS EN 12209 classifies mechanically operated locks, latches and locking plates using an 11 digit coding system. This has proved necessary in order to provide a proper assessment of all the varied features of products for specific markets within Europe. It should be noted that to avoid a greater proliferation of boxes, certain features have been “doubled up”: e.g. durability and durability with side load; door mass and closing force; corrosion resistance and temperature resistance. The system is comprehensive but it has led to the use of letters (rather than numbers) in certain boxes, since there can only be one digit in each classification box. A similar classification system applies to all building hardware product standards (at least for the first 7 boxes) to aid meaningful comparisons with related products.

  • Understanding BS EN 1935 Single-axis hinges grades

    This standard provides details on product types, classification by use, test cycles, door mass, corrosion resistance, as well as definitions, product performance requirements, test apparatus, test methods and marking of products. In addition, the published standard includes annexes with details for special applications.

  • General recommendations for panic exit devices

    The device and its accessories must be chosen taking account of the type of user: • devices placed on the market after 1 July 2013 and intended for use by the general public must be CE Marked to BS EN 1125 – Panic exit devices operated by a horizontal bar, and preferably provided with additional product certification by an approved third party certification body. • devices placed on the market after 1 July 2013 for use by trained personnel must be CE Marked to BS EN 179 - Emergency exit devices operated by a lever handle or push-pad, and preferably provided with additional product certification by an approved third party certification body.

  • What is an exterior door hardware?

    Exterior door hardware is the collective name for all kinds of metal and non-metal accessories installed on the doors of a building. They play an auxiliary role in the opening and closing of doors. The surface is generally plated or coated, which is strong, durable, flexible, economical and beautifu

  • What is a spring hinge?

    What are spring hinges? Spring hinges, also known as spring loaded hinges, self-closing hinges and door closing hinges, are hinges equipped with springs that automatically close the door from the open position. Spring hinges are adjustable. You can learn more about spring hinges in this article.This

  • Handing of hardware

    Before you are being introduced to any products you should understand why some items of hardware are handed. This means that certain products will not suit all doors or windows and below are intended to help you know which products may be handed and how to determine the correct one.

  • How to buy a good stainless steel hinges?

    A hinge is a mechanical component used to connect the surfaces of two objects. It allows the surface to rotate about a fixed axis, as shown in the adjacent photo. One of the most common applications for hinges is doors. Whether in a home or commercial setting, hinges are commonly used to mount a doo

  • What is Cross-keying?

    Cross-keying is a term that is used to describe a cylinder that is operated by more than one change key. This is different than a master keyed cylinder because usually a cylinder that is master keyed will only be operated by one change key as well as the master key.


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