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Door Hardware Installation

  • How to install door cylinder?

    Installing the cylinder of a euro lock may be necessary if a set of keys has been lost or you move into a new property and want to be confident that there are no keys unaccounted for. Or you may want to change the style of lock to one with an internal 'thumb turn' knob - this is ideal where you do not want to be locked out of a room (such as a child's or old person's room. Alternatively you may want to change from a 'thumb turn' lock to a double key style - probably advisable for a front door where there are children in the household.

  • Architectural Hardware Installation Guide

    The general term for metal and non-metal products and accessories installed in buildings or structures. Generally, the utility model has double effects of utility and decoration. Door hardware refers to all kinds of metal and non-metal accessories installed on the building door. There are building lock, handle, support, hinge, door closer, handle, bolt, anti-theft chain, door closing device, etc.

  • How to adjust a door hinge

    The door can be said to be very important furniture, every place needs to use the door, so, the door hinge is very important, if the door hinge damage or wear, the door will not be easy to open, next let me introduce you how to adjust a door hinge.

  • Interior wooden door hinge installation method

    Hinges, is an important part of the furniture, is related to function and service life of furniture. The specifications with function increasingly rich, the hinge is multifarious, but plus ca change or after installation to ensure that the products use safety and comfort. Let us know the butt door hinge installation method and points for attention.

  • How to install door hinges on an interior door?

    Door hinges play an important role in door, making the door open or close easily. When you buy the hinges, maybe you have trouble in installing the door hinge. Now, there has easy way to let you know how to install door hinges.

  • How to Install a Closet Door Ball Catch?

    To allow your handle-less closet door to remain shut, you will want to install a closet door ball catch. Closet door ball catches come in many sizes and finishes. Choose the one that matches the style of your home.

  • How to install a Peephole in door?

    Adding a viewer or peephole to your door is a simple project. There are many styles and brands of door viewers to choose from, including models with up to a 200-degree viewing range, allowing you to see almost everything on the other side of the door.
    This guide provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to install a peephole in your front door in an hour or less.

  • How to install door coordinator?

    The door coordinator is a locking mechanism arranged on a locking shaft and a small shaft. One end of the locking plate of the locking mechanism is in contact with the inner end of the release shaft. The outer end of the release shaft is a touch end which can be extended outside the shell and touched by a door leaf. One end of the rocker arm is arranged on the locking shaft, the other end is provided with a touch device which can be touched by another door leaf, and the locking shaft and the small shaft are respectively provided with a locking recovery torsion spring. The utility model has a simple and compact structure, solves the problem of the sequence of closing the double fire doors, and makes the fire doors play a reliable role of fire prevention and partition. When the double fire doors are closed, they shall be closed in order to ensure their fire and smoke prevention functions. The fire door can be closed as required to meet the fire protection requirements.

  • How to install door chain?

    Installing a door chain on your front door is a very easy and quick way to boost your home security. It will give you the peace of mind knowing if you’re home alone and someone calls to the door, you can safely open the door enough to check who it is.

  • How to install panic bar?

    A panic bar is a type of door hardware used to allow occupants to exit a building quickly during an emergency. This device features a horizontal bar or push pad that releases the door's locking mechanisms with a single action. Rather than twisting levers to struggling with thumb turns or knobs, occupants can throw their weight into the device and release the door immediately. This type of device is useful in a panic type emergency, as it minimizes the risk of crowding or injury at the exits. It may also reduce the number of lives lost to fire or other emergencies.

  • How to install glass door hinge?

    Hinging a glass door is crucial to the stability of the door, especially if it is frameless. Depending on the thickness of the glass, the weight can cause sag if not properly installed. It is also important that a glass door be hung level. Now D&D hardware introduce you how to install glass door hinge.

  • How to install Door Bolt?

    The bolt is a kind of anti-theft component to prevent the doors and windows from being opened from the outside. Modern door and window and other bolt devices are usually metal. The bolt is generally divided into two parts, one is with a movable rod, the other is a bolt hole, which is made of metal. It can also play a very good role of protection and protection with ordinary glass doors or wooden doors.

  • How to install a mortise lock?

    It is quite straightforward to install a mortice lock to a wooden door but it does require accurate measurements and cutting so that the mortice lock and striker plate install correctly.

  • How to install Door Stopper?

    The function of the door topper is a kind of door hardware supporting the door.

  • How to install a Door Handle?

    There are many kinds of door handles. They will have different matching effects when combined with different door panels. Some door handles are matched when choosing the door, but if you want to choose the door handle yourself, you need to match the handle with the door panel, and consider the position of the door.

  • How to Install a Door Closer?

    A door closer prevents damage caused when doors open or close too fast. The device causes doors to close slowly, eliminating the issues associated with slamming doors. Unlike commercial door closers, residential door closers are available in a variety of colors and styles. Installing a door closer is an easy process that requires following a few straightforward steps.

  • How to install floor spring?

    Floor spring installation is not a simple job.It should be done by the skilled persons.Wrongly installation may cause noice,oil leaking or speed problems.


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