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How to adjust a door hinge

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How to adjust a door hinge

The door can be said to be very important furniture, every place needs to use the door, so, the door hinge is very important, if the door hinge damage or wear, the door will not be easy to open, next let me introduce you how to adjust a door hinge.

Here is the content list:

l How to adjust the pendant door hinge

l  How to adjust cabinet door hinge

l  How to adjust the hinges on the door with a large gap


How to adjust the pendant door hinge

Over time, the hinges on the door will loosen and cause the door to droop. When this happens, the top corner of the door will be stuck on the door frame and prevent the door from closing normally. If the top corner of the door is grabbing the frame, you need to adjust the hinge.

If the door begins to droop, it can usually be fixed by adjusting the screws on the upper hinge. This will tighten the hinge and pull back to the door. Some carpenters place a small piece of cardboard between the hinges and the side columns. This is a simple way to repair the pendant door without replacing the hardware.



How to adjust cabinet door hinge

The kitchen and bathroom door hinges are very easy to adjust. Using a small screwdriver, you can adjust the door, front and back, and up and down. You may need to remove the soft closure or cap (if the cap is exposed to the adjustment screw head). 

1. Adjust the cabinet door up and down: I use a sharp pencil to mark the current position of the hinge before I release the hinge and screw them into the cabinet. If you move the door up, I will mark the top of the hinge, so when you move up, the pencil line is covered and vice versa. Once you release it, the door can easily move, so if you don't do this, you may not know where you start.

2. Adjust the cabinet door to the left and right in the cabinet. Each cabinet hinge has a large flat head screw near the center. They can change, but usually if you screw it more, the door is removed from the hinge side and vice avers. Through some tests and errors, you'll find it.

3. Adjust the cabinet door to/ from the cabinet back and forth. The other screw is located near the rear of the hinge and will move towards/ away from the cabinet when moving to the left or right. It is used to balance the double doors, in particular the middle parts, in alignment with one another.

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How to adjust the hinges on the door with a large gap

Check the gap between the unbent side of the door and the frame. If there is a large gap between the door and the frame, your door may not close properly. You can solve the problem by adjusting the hinges on the door instead of installing a wider new door. If you only have a gap at the top or bottom of the door without edges, you only need to adjust the horizontal hinge with the gap. Unscrew the bottom door hinge on the door. Unscrew each screw on the door hinge with a screwdriver. For thorny screws, please use a drill bit. Drag half of the hinges on the cardboard 4 times. Place the hinges on a flat surface so that half of the hinges (one with a screw hole in the hinged plate) are placed on the cardboard. Use a pencil to depict the outline of the hinge on the cardboard. Repeat the above operation in the other three parts of the cardboard. If you adjust only one hinge on the door, you only need to track the hinge twice on the cardboard. If your door has more than two hinges being adjusted, you need to track 2 additional contours for each hinge. Cut out the tracking outline of the hinge plate. Use scissors or scissors. Try to make the cutting as accurate as possible. You will put the cardboard behind the hinges on the door, and if they are too big or too small, they will not fit. Place 2 cardboard incisions in the moron on the door and door frame. Tendons are indentation on the door and side column where the hinged plate is located. Cardboard incisions should be perfectly embedded in grooves. Twist the bottom hinge back to the top of the cardboard cut. Push the screw to the right over the cardboard cut under the hinged plate. Tighten the screws completely so that the hinges are firm. When you are finished, you should not see the cardboard. Unscrew the top door hinge and add another 2 cardboard cuts. Then, screw the top hinges back to the cardboard, just like using the bottom hinges. Now that both door hinges are slightly lifted by cardboard, the gap between the door and the frame should be smaller. If your door has more than two hinges being adjusted, unscrew them and add the other cardboard you cut.


The above is the method of adjusting door hinges for different doors. Have you learned? Welcome to D & D Hardware to buy professional and reliable door hinges such as stainless steel door hinges, safety door hinges and spring door hinges. Etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


D&D hardware has more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying building hardware products. Specialized hardware products include fire rated door hinges, ANSI fire door hinges, CE hinges, stainless steel hinges, antirust door hinge, heavy duty hinge, security hinge and Door Accessories etc.


Not only door hardware, but also door-opening solutions.  Our experienced and qualified team can help you find the most suitable solution for your needs, committed to mutual benefit.


Our products are tested by the most stringent international industry standards, including BS EN, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA. They are suitable for educational, medical, hotel, residential and commercial applications.

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