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Metal Door & Hardware Information

  • Architecture Hardware for Metal Door

    Metal doors, most commonly used in buildings, have changed from being used outdoors to being used indoors (instead of wooden doors).Hardware is the most important determinant of Metal Door Quality.
    Let's introduce the hardware commonly used for Metal Doors.

  • How to choose suitable door handles?

    When purchasing door handles, how to decide to pay for the brand? How to choose a suitable and cost-effective handle? In a word, the handle measurement should be adjusted according to local conditions.

  • Don't let inferior quality hardware hurt your door!

    Interior doors is anywhere in our daily life, they are used as building materials frequently, so the door hardware must strictly pass quality test. Consumers should pay more attention to the concept of green environmental protection, because there are many people choose and buy the aluminum alloy interior door. In addition to the quality of interior door, the door body and small hardware play an important role. We have to choose the high quality and suitable door hardware; don't choose bad hardware lower the quality of the door.

  • How To Choose The Right Metal Door Hardware Solution-D&D Hardware

    How do you choose Metal door hardware? Many people are confused with the choice of metal door ironmongery. Metal door hardware includes Door Hinges,Lever Handles, Mortise Locks, Pull plates,Door Closers,Panic Exit Devices, Flush Bolts, Door Stoppers, Sealing Strips and so on. The ironmongery for metal door also needs different functions corresponding to the differ ent places where the metal door is located. Hardware is the most important determinant of Metal Door Quality.This is also a problem that people are perplexed in choosing hardware. This article aims to show you how to choose the right Metal Door Hardware.

  • The Components of Steel Door

    The passage mainly tells you the components of steel door from four aspects. There are infill, door leaf, door frame and finish. Hoping you can get knowledge about steel door in here.

  • The Types of Steel Door

    When you buy Door Hardware, you should know your door. Here is different types of steel door.

  • The Structure Classification of Steel Door

    There are four structures classification of steel door in the article. We can learn about the form welding, paper card honeycomb, stiffened door and solid core.

  • What are Metal Door Hardwares?

    Metal doors, most commonly used in Education, Healthcare, Hotel, Government and Commercial buildings. The greatest feature of metal doors is durability, because they are made of stainless steel or steel. It has strong anti-theft and anti-wear properties.

  • Is there a difference between interior and exterior door hinges?

    A door, a building entrance or exit, or a device that can be opened and closed at the entrance and exit, is an entity that divides a limited space and can connect and block the entrance and exit of two or more spaces. Doors can be classified into interior doors and exterior doors. Functionally speaking, interior doors generally refer to bedroom doors and office doors, and exterior doors generally refer to security doors and fire doors.

  • Hardware Selection for Hollow Metal Doors

    Among the many benefits of custom hollow metal is the virtually unlimited choice of hardware that can be used. The architect is free to select those items which will provide the operational features, aesthetics, and quality desired, such as the use of electrical hardware, pivots or anchor hinges, concealed closers, concealed vertical rod devices, separate deadlocks, preassembled locks, and other architectural hardware.

  • Recommended Hardware Locations for Hollow Metal Doors

    These standards are recommended by the Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association as representing the long accepted usual preferences of both architects and users under normal conditions of use. Under some circumstances these standard locations are inadvisable for certain items based on accessibility codes. For example, a lower position for the deadlock is possible, when intended usage by small children or handicapped persons necessitates require positioning the user handled items in other than these recommended standard locations.


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