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How to determine a qualified door hardware?

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Door hardware is an essential piece of equipment in everyday life. It comes in many varieties and is usually used in conjunction with door locks, providing a lot of convenience and security for people's safety and daily living. This article will give a brief introduction and analysis of door hardware and give the audience answers to some common questions, such as how to select quality door hardware.


·How to determine a qualified door hardware

·How do I maintain my door hardware?

·How to avoid buying poor quality door hardware?


How to determine a qualified door hardware?


·Observe the surface

Look at the surface of the product to see if the material is flat, if you see scratches and deformation, it is produced from scrap, this is because small manufacturers cut corners in production.


·Healthy and environmentally friendly

Health and environmental protection have been an important factor in home culture in recent years and are becoming more and more enthusiastic. Thus, with anti-bacteria, sterilization, beautiful shape of the forged door hardware in the global market continues to rise, no door access whether the health and environmental protection and it used over the material has a great relationship. Different materials of door hardware products have different appearance characteristics. For example, stainless steel products are not easy to process, its products are mostly composed of simple straight lines, curves and planes. In contrast, brass locks can be processed, the surface can be made of delicate patterns.



The density of wrought brass door locks is higher than that of cast brass locks, and the same volume of wrought brass locks is heavier and can be directly weighed by hand.


In short, good quality door hardware should meet the characteristics of good surface treatment, even weight and healthy and environmentally friendly raw materials. The design of the door hardware is also an important factor. Hardware with a strong sense of design brings a pleasant feeling that not only exists visually, but also expresses a deeper level of taste in the home.



How do I maintain my door hardware?


It is understood that the lock cylinder of the door is prone to rotate insensitively after a long time. If this happens, we can take a small amount of black powder from a pencil lead and put it into the lock hole, especially in winter, so as to avoid the lock hole from becoming blocked. We also recommend spraying 2 times a year with a bright cleaning agent to form a protective layer on the surface of the hardware and make it shine like new the hardware.


How to avoid buying poor quality door hardware?


Door hardware is the collective name for the various metal and non-metal fittings installed on the doors and windows of a building, which play an auxiliary role when the doors are opened and closed. Although the development of door hardware has a long history, it has not been in the domestic market for long. There is a wide range of door hardware on the market at the moment, so please recognise the brand and professional production. It is best to choose door hardware produced by well-known manufacturers. Professional home hardware manufacturers are both brand owners and producers, so the quality of the product, the supply and the after-sales service are more guaranteed. At the same time, in the same brand, there are also several materials of locks at the same time, consumers should be carefully identified to avoid mistaken purchases.

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