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Guide to choosing door hardware

  • How to choose the American Standard Mortise Lock?

    When choosing the lock, the safety of the mortise lock is the first element. For the best protection, many buildings have mortise locks. The mortise locks do provide strong security and can be used in commercial and residential applications.

  • How to choose the right lock cylinder?

    European profile lock cylinders are the most popular type in the market. They usually have same shape but different in materials, sizes, brands especially the types of keys and locking mechanisms. The cylinder provides security functions such as anti-prying, anti-drilling, anti-shatter and anti-replication.

  • How can a qualified team help customers provide professional solutions? -D&D hardware

    In order to provide customers with better and more professional services. Today, D & D hardware carried out professional training and assessment of product knowledge and technology.

  • D&D Team participated in the DHI Seminar on Architectural Hardware

    In order to assist customers find the Right Door Opening Solutions, D&D Team often participate in Architectural Hardware Association Training, strengthen the door hardware Professional knowledge, skills and competitiveness.

  • What should i consider when buying an Exterior Door Handle?

    When buying door handle, you need to pay attention to essential elements. The essential elements will help you to choose the right exterior door handle to fit your needs. As the most important feature of a door it can be the showpiece of the front of a home. It is a functional and beautiful for any door; however, the perfect front door handle can be difficult to locate. All in all, the right exterior door handle needs to be durable and elegant and needs to fit all of your home's needs.

  • How Qualified D&D Team can assist customers find the Right Solution?-D&D Hardware

    In order to provide professional assistance to our customers to find the most suitable solution, we have product knowledge training every month. The trainer is a door hardware engineer with more than 12 years of work experience in the industry.

  • Why Choose Stainless Steel 304 Door Locks?--D&D Hardware

    In front of the lock forms on the market, many consumers are confused; don't know how to choose the stainless steel door lock to be both safe and durable?

  • The key to buying an indoor door lock - Pay attention to the lock cylinder, lock body!

    In modern home decoration, there are often some inconspicuous parts that play an important role. And we often overlook the importance of them, know that there is a problem, and everyone began to pay attention, then it was already late. Among them, there are indoor door locks that are often overlooked. In general, indoor door locks are in contact with us every day, so we must pay attention to its purchase work. However, for home improvement white, because of the little knowledge of interior door locks, it is difficult to quickly purchase a truly beautiful and high quality product. The interior door lock is one of the hardware. Its role is relatively large. It can be said that the privacy of our home is guarded by it. At the same time, it directly affects the use effect and service life of the interior door. Since it is such a key component, how can we choose it?

  • Application Technique of Door Hardware

    Door hardware has a very important position in the modern complex function construction project.
    Standardized and professional hardware plays an important role in ensuring the operation, safe escape, security, environmental comfort and aesthetic of a building.
    8 considerations of configuration (Core application technology in the industry) as below

  • How to choose the right hinges for your door & project?

    When it comes to doors, hinges is very important. Their style and functionality have a huge effect on the performance of your doors. The good news is that a wide range of hinge options are available, so there's an excellent chance there's a hinge out there that's right for your application.

  • How to choose door hardware for wooden door?

    The Door Accessories that complements your door—the Door Hinges, Locks, Lever Handles, Door Closers, Flush Bolts, Door stopper, faithfully perform their jobs. Should you choose the door hardware, it is important to account for budget, style and function. As a professional suppliers of door hardware, D&D offers a combination of architecture door hardwares to suite the individual building whatever it is exterior or interior, meeting not only the requirements for design and function, but also the desired budget.

  • Do you know the type of door hinges?

    In daily life, door hinges can be seen everywhere. There are many types of hinges. Do you know how to name it? Please follow us to see the main types.

  • How to choose Hinge for Door?

    The door hinge is an important part of door, it can make open and close the door easily, can also make the door installation and removal easy. We have plated the surface of exterior and interior door hinges, it looks smooth and deepens the beauty of commercial building. Compared with single hinge, the door hinges hardware offers additional savings.

  • How to choose Door Closer?

    The door closer is a hydraulic device similar to the spring on the door head. When the door is opened, it can be released after compression, and the door can be closed automatically. It has the function of spring door, which can ensure that the door can be closed to the initial position accurately and timely after being opened.

  • How to select correct Door Closer for Interior door?

    Choosing a door closer changes depending on many different factors including customer preference, manufacturer options, and building specifications. Other factors to consider include:Size and weight of the door.Location of the door.Opening and closing frequency.Mounting location.Affordability.Backswing requirements.

  • Do you know how to choose your door handle?

    Choosing your door handles there are 4 things to consider. At the same time ,this might seem a little daunting, it isn’t if you follow the steps below. The important things you will need to consider are......

  • How to choose the door control hardware

    Door control hardware refers to door closer, floor springs, hinges, latches, locks, door stoppers, etc., which are widely used in wooden doors, glass doors, metal doors and other door hardware accessories. Control door hardware is a kind of daily-use metal products that are extremely important to people's daily life. Floor springs and door closer are the most important part. They are generally used in public places where the people frequently accessed, such as shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings, exhibition halls, etc. It can ensure that after the door is opened, it will remain normally open or can be closed to the initial position in time.

  • How to choose the Hinge?

    The appropriate specification and correct selection of hinges is crucial to their performance and depends on the following factors;
    1. Is it a fire, smoke or emergency escape door?
    2. How heavy is the door and what are the door dimension (height, width and thickness)?
    3. What is the door's construction and are there any unusal features that could affect the hinges?
    4. Where is the door situated e.g internal or external; is it near the coast or in a swiming pool?
    5. What level of use/abuse will the door be subject to e.g office, hospital or school corridor?
    6. What other items of hardware are to be fitted, that may be affect the hinge performance, typically door closer or door stops?
    7. Any other unusal features involved e.g. door has radius top or the door is a bifold.

  • How To Select And Install the Door Hinge Properly?

    Door hinges, one of the hardware accessories, are used to connect or rotate the device so that the door can be freely opened and closed by hinges. There are many types of door hinges, such as fire rated door hinges, metal door hinges, European door hinges, etc. In general, the hinge is composed of a pair of metal leaves, the distance between hinge and door can be adjusted when installing .One of the characteristics of door hinge is that it can be used according to the space and the opening angle of the door, so that various doors have corresponding extension. Different doors need to pay attention to their size when using hinges.

  • How to Choose the Right European Mortise Lock?

    The mortise lock is generally used on the security door, suitable for general commercial and heavy industrial use. The D&D range of architectural locks is manufactured to the highest engineering standards and designed to offer a high price/performance ratio. They have been successfully type tested to all the requirements of BS EN12209. The following describes the various types of European mortise locks and the safety features that should be considered.

  • How to choose hinges for different functions?

    The stainless steel hinge is a metal connector that is seen on the door every day so that the door can be mounted on the door frame and can be freely rotated. The hinges can be seen in any place with a door, but it is often overlooked and used without a professional choice.

  • How to choose the appropriate door hinge?

    Door hinge is the most common door fitting device that connects the door frame to the door leaf and allows rotation between the two. The hinge can withstand the weight of the door without sagging the door, and allows the door to rotate freely for a long time under the lowest frictional resistance.
    The hinges come in a variety of materials, including zinc alloy, steel, plastic, and stainless steel. Different materials determine the scope of use of the hinge. The choice of hinges has a very large impact on the use of the door. If an improper hinge is installed on the door, it is not only difficult to play the role of the door, but serious circumstances may endanger life safety. In order for the door to maximize door hanging and gating, it is important to choose the appropriate hinge.


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