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What is Cross-keying?

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What is Cross-keying?

Cross-keying is a term that is used to describe a cylinder that is operated by more than one change key. This is different than a master keyed cylinder because usually a cylinder that is master keyed will only be operated by one change key as well as the master key.

There are two types of cross-keying: controlled and uncontrolled. While cross-keying adds another level of convenience to the occupants of a building or space, it also further reduces security that cylinder can provide. Remember, each key that operates a cylinder requires an additional shear line. The more shear lines in a cylinder, the less security the cylinder can provide.
Controlled cross-keying is accomplished when two or more change keys (under the same master key) operate a cylinder. Though cross-keying is undesirable, controlled cross-keying used sparsely in a key system can provide the occupants with additional convenience. For example, each employee could use their individual office keys to access the office suite door but not each other’s office door.

key system 

American lock aylinder interchangeable core cylinder

Uncontrolled cross-keying refers to a cylinder that is operated by more than one change key (under different master keys). While it is possible to pin a cylinder to accept these keys, the security of the cylinder is severely reduced. Uncontrolled cross-keying should be used only as a last resort and should be avoided whenever possible.
Cylinders that are cross-keyed also require a key set symbol to be assigned. The first key set symbol for cross-keyed cylinders is X1X. Subsequent cross-keyed sets would be listed as X2X, X3X and so on. To fully describe a cross-keyed key set, all of the keys that operate the cylinder must be listed. For example, key set X1X is operated by AA1, AA2, AA7, AA and GMK.

Understanding the function of the door lock is more conducive to choose the right door lock. When the appropriate door lock is installed on the appropriate door can the maximum function of the door and door lock be exerted.

The complex internal design of the lock cylinder reduces the mutual opening rate and improves the anti-opening degree. The higher the safety is. The lock cylinder is easy to install and has high security, and is suitable for indoor doors in various buildings.

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