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Intumescent Pads & Gasket

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Intumescent Pads & Gasket

Intumescent materials other than edge strips are used on fire resisting doors.

For example, thin sheet material can provide insulation and protection:
behind hinge blades
around mortise lockcases
around concealed door closers

Intumescent Pads & Gasket

Intumescent pads can protect hinge positions. Various thicknesses are available e.g. 0.5 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm, all of which will offer protection to a greater or lesser degree.

Likewise, mortise lock/latch cases and strikes, and mortise-concealed closers usually need to be protected by intumescent gaskets. Seek advice as to the right product for the application.

Pads behind hinge blades    

Intumescent Pads & GasketIntumescent Pads & GasketPads behind hinge blades   Fire RatedIntumescent Seal Intumescent Pad for Hinge

Intumescent Pads & Gasket

Full gasket for concealed hinge

Full gasket for mortise lock

Full gasket for mortise lockIntumescent Pads & Gasket


Full gasket for concealed closers

Full gasket for concealed closerIntumescent Pads & Gasket

Fire doors are related to people's lives. To ensure the quality of steel fire doors, the selection of hardware accessories is also an important link. Since fire doors are special for fire prevention, their accessories naturally can not melt in case of fire, so the selection of hardware accessories for fire doors must be strict and pass the test. Each fitting is essential. These fittings complement each other and work together to promote the smooth play of the role of the fire door.

D & D hardware has passed the strict safety test (including BS, en, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA) to adapt to the convenient and reliable door configuration scheme in public buildings and industrial places. At the same time, it brings you the best cost performance, high quality and long service life.

We can provide a complete set of solutions for pedestrian traffic, bring you safe, convenient and reliable door configuration scheme, and bring you the best cost performance, high quality and long service life.

For further information about fire door hardware or any of our services, click here.

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