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Handing of hardware

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Handing of hardware

Before you are being introduced to any products you should understand why some items of hardware are handed. This means that certain products will not suit all doors or windows and below are intended to help you know which products may be handed and how to determine the correct one.


First we need to establish what is handing and why it is needed.


The term handing related to the direction the door travels when in use. Some items of hardware are design to work in a certain way, in that they can only fitted to a door of the correct hand and then refer to as handed.


Example of the handed hardware are life off and rising butt hinges, some types of cupboard locks and some would fitting with single action floor spring.

door hanging hardware 

Supplying goods of the wrong hand can result in un-necessary expenses and delays if replacement is needed. Therefore, care must be taken to insure the correct items are specified and delivered. The terms left handed and right hand are often used. But these can have different meanings under different methods more or less later.


But don’t think all the door hardware is handed, because mostly it isn’t. Such product is refer to a non-handed hardware – universal, reversible or dual-handed

Here we illustrate some examples of non-handed hardware: locks with reversible latches, most types overhead door closers and most kinds of butt hinges.




Locks                                     Overhead door closer                                butt hinges

mortise door lock    Heavy Duty Door Closer-DDDC004     Polished Brass Polished finish hinge


ISO handing method

The ISO handing method is the least confusing of all the handing methods. It describes the closing direction of the door which when view on plan from above is either clockwise closing or Anti-clockwise closing.

ISO handing method 

The direction of the door closing is identified using two numbers 5 and 6. 5 and 6 are chosen because of the way the numbers are written. The body of 5 being drew in a clockwise motion, and the loop of 6 draw in an Anti-clockwise motion. Look at the door near you now.

Whether describe as ISO 5 or ISO 6, depending on its closing direction, as view from above.

opening face or closing face 

Certain items of hardware required to being fitted to a specific face of the door, for example, an overhead door closer fitted to a door which is open into a room from corridor would be mounted on the room side of a door. The mounting face of the door is determined by either the new mode 0 for the opening face or a 1 for the closing face.


Other Methods of Handing

DIN handing method

There are other methods of handing, and one of these which has its origin of Germany, as known as DIN.

DIN left and DIN right handing are common not only in Germany but also throughout Northern Europe, they are seen on many of product originating from Germany. Most commonly, some of the partiality lock cases, this method view the door from the pull side and decided by noting by which side the hinges are on. If the hinge knuckles are visible on the left, this is DIN left and if visible on the right, this is DIN right hand.

 din-deutsches institut fur normung

ANSI handing method

ANSI handing originating from North America, but is use throughout the world where American products are used. This method is decided by viewing from the secure side of the door, the secure side is the outside (key side), presuming that the door is push to open and opening into the room or area being secured. The handing is determined by which side the hinges are on, if the hinge on the left and this is a left hand door and if the hinge is on the right then this is right hand door.

The same handing requires the door to pull to open. A door opening out to the corridor will be view to the corridor side would be use the word “reverse”. For example, if the hinge on the left would be a left hand reverse door, if hung on the right would be noted as a right hand reverse door.

ANSI handing method 

Door Hardware accessories can be called the heart of a door. The normal opening and closing of the door is inseparable from the tacit cooperation of every hardware accessory. If a door is not used with a complete door system, it cannot function as a door. Although hardware products are small in size, they are closely related to the fire protection, escape, security, management, and energy saving of buildings. Once a moving part is unreasonably designed or installed, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the actual use in the future. . The hardware configuration scheme and the reasonable choice of hardware products can not only prolong the service life of the product, give full play to its use effect, and be convenient for people to use, but also can effectively ensure the overall safety and fire protection requirements of the building, improve the decoration effect of the building, and enable property management Play a multiplier effect with half the effort. High-standard door control hardware products are both quality and multi-function. D&D's hardware has passed strict safety tests (including BS EN, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA) to adapt to the convenient and reliable door configuration schemes of public buildings and industrial places, while bringing you the best price-performance ratio, high-quality quality and Long service life.

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