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How to install door coordinator?

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D&D Hardware-Fire Labeled Doors 7 Inch Door Coordinator DDDR001

1.Position the coordinator on outside of the top frame.

Step 1-Installation of door coordinator from D&D Hardware

2.Mark two mounting holes on outside of the top frame if the coordinator is on correct position.

Step 2-Installation of door coordinator from D&D Hardware

3.Drill and tap for #10-24 machine screws on metal door. Make 1/8" pilot drill on wood door.

4.For wood door application, a Strike Plate must be installed on top edge of the inactive door.

5.Mount the ADJ Door Bracket. 

This bracket will support the coordinator kept in projection when the doors are closed.

Step 5-Installation of door coordinator from D&D Hardware

6.Test operation 

After complete installation, the pivotal lever will ride over the strike plate when the inactive door is closed. When active door and inactive door be opened at same time, the coordinator arm will drop down 20°. If the door closers are installed, the inactive door will be closed earlier than the active door as the active door be held by the coordinator arm at this time.

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