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Interior wooden door hinge installation method

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Interior wooden door hinge installation method

Hinges, is an important part of the furniture, is related to function and service life of furniture. The specifications with function increasingly rich, the hinge is multifarious, but plus ca change or after installation to ensure that the products use safety and comfort. Let us know the butt door hinge installation method and points for attention.





1, the preparation of the instruments


Before the installation ready for the installation of the specialized tools, such as measuring tape/level, line drawing positioning of the carpenter's pencil, carpentry openings for/drill hole, fixed with screw driver, etc.

2, Set a position
Different size of the door, the weight will affect the hinge of the stress levels and work smoothly. Therefore need to make the right distribution. At the same time, also want to pay attention to the size of the hinge blade, blade width is bigger than the thickness of the door of avoid by all means.


After according to know the height and thickness of the door, draw a reasonable distribution of hinge (see chart).To measure hinge single page width thickness, using tools dug hinges on the door frame can set in to the pit.Note: the size of the pit is the length of the single chip hinge the thickness of the single chip hinge (monolithic hinge width - 2 mm) why do you want to cut 2mm in width, is to prevent friction when opening and closing of door and door frame.

timg (11)

3, Check the hinges and the location of the pit
The monolithic plate page into slot, check whether the surface of the pp board flush with the surface of the door (the door)

4, Tighten hinges
Use screws to fix hinges, screws should keep vertical with the door, the door surface, if the screw is oblique, may produce extrusion between closing a hinge, affect the service life of the door.

General hinge can be six to adjust, alignment, up and down about two doors is moderate, the cupboard door to debug the most ideal effect is better, installed after the close of clearance generally is 2 mm.

Open the door hinge installation considerations

1, Pay attention to the installation position and quantity
In theory the two hinge spacing, the greater the stronger bearing capacity, of course, it also consider the reality, household doors heavier can use three hinge, general with two door hinge.

Also note that the hinge cannot installed in the corner of the window fan body tenon it, to install in Windows and doors best fan is 1/10 of the merits, and avoid the distribution of three split, can be set on two of the next, and avoid door leaf to tilt.

2, To prevent falling fan
Which produces a pendant fan is refers to the doors and Windows installation gap gradually increase above and below the gap had narrowed to switch bad, serious when still can fall off.
Usually the cause of this situation may be due to choose the specification of the hinge is too small, or no use of form a complete set screw.

3, Grasp the gap distance
Clearance between hinges and door plank must grasp, or appearance is ugly, door plank crack normal is 3 to 5 mm, expansion joint shall be made.

4, Ensure parts matching
Hinge slot with hinge high, wide and thick matches.Hinge screws, fasteners, whether they are connected to form a complete set.Hinge connection should match the box, fan material, such as steel frame used in the wooden door hinge, with one side for the welding of steel frame connections, and wooden door connected on one side of the door is wood screw fixation.

5, Fan axis should be the same vertical line
When installation, shall ensure that the same door hinges on the shaft in the same vertical line, from door to door to play up.


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