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What are self-closing door hinges?

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self-closing door hinges

Self-closing door hinges are usually designed to ensure that the door can slowly close on its own after being opened. Although these hinges are relatively inconspicuous, they can actually be found in many large facilities, such as schools, shops, and hospitals. In some crises, such as fires, earthquakes, collapses and other accidents, these economical door hinges can provide extra time for people to evacuate and prevent the entire room from being damaged. AS self-closing door hinges are so important, we will introduce you in detail in this article.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of the door hinge:

1) Introduction of soft close door hinge

2) Superiority of self-closing door hinge

3) How to find best self-closing door hinges

1) Introduction of self-closing hinge

You may be familiar with this phenomenon: you swing a door closed while doing something else, then look back and find the door still half-open. A door that is difficult to close indicates worn hinges, but even with new hinges, you (or your child) may have your heart out of it and leave the door open without realizing it. Again, using the right hinges can be a quick and thorough solution to a relatively minor problem. 

Self-closing hinges contain a small spring that pulls the door back into contact with the door frame after a gentle push on the door. Auto-closing means that when you close the door and get within 2 inches of closing it, it closes automatically due to the spring in the hinge. This way, when your hand is full, you don't have to push to close.

2) Superiority of self-closing hinge

When it comes to poor quality hinges, even the least amount of pressure applied to the door will cause them to slam into the door frame. No one likes the harsh sound it makes, especially when it's almost every time you open a door. 

What is worse, repeated knocks can cause damage to the door by causing it to buckle or pick up the edges. Knocking noises don't sound like a big problem, but they are more annoying than most people realize, and the solution is simple: install self-closing door hinge. 

Doors need self-closing hinges for smooth maneuvering when opening them inwards and outwards. Self-closing door hinges are designed to help door joints to close automatically and softly. However, the market has numerous self-closing door hinge making it hard to find an ideal one.


self-closing door hingesself-closing door hinges

3) How to find best self-closing door hinges

In order to meet the high demand of customers for self-closing door hinges, we provide a series of self-closing door hinges. Our self-closing door hinges are suitable for many industrial applications. It becomes an ideal choice for construction buildings, hotels, apartment buildings and dormitories. Our self-closing door hinges have been sold all over the world, enjoy a good reputation, and are your best choice. Welcome to contact us right now! We are always here for you.

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