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What is an exterior door hardware?

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Exterior door hardware

Exterior door hardware is the collective name for all kinds of metal and non-metal accessories installed on the doors of a building. They play an auxiliary role in the opening and closing of doors. The surface is generally plated or coated, which is strong, durable, flexible, economical and beautiful. 

The development of exterior door hardware has brought a lot of convenience to people's lives, improving the quality of life of the general public while increasing the development prospects of the decoration industry, gradually becoming an indispensable part of public life and contributing to social progress and development.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the meaning of exterior door hardware?

  • What are the characteristics of exterior door hardware?

  • What factors should buyers of exterior door hardware consider?

What is the meaning of exterior door hardware?

The exterior door hardware has expanded from traditional copper alloys and low carbon steels to zinc alloys, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, plastics, glass steel and various composite materials. The development of exterior door hardware and the development of buildings are inseparable. 

With the continuous improvement of the standards of various building facilities, modern exterior door hardware has developed from a single variety to a series, and the requirements for its aesthetics and decorative effects are getting higher and higher.

Building doors rely on exterior door hardware to complete their functions. It is a product that is susceptible to wear in building doors , and it is also one of the parts with frequent activities.

The choice of exterior door hardware will directly affect the quality, safety, and air tightness of the building door. If there is no high-quality exterior door hardware as a foil, there is no way to guarantee the superiority of architectural doors.

What are the characteristics of exterior door hardware?

In the whole process of construction, the choice of exterior door hardware is also very important. In addition to considering the overall configuration and aesthetics, the most important aspect is performance. A series of factors such as compression resistance, energy saving, heat insulation, and anti-theft of exterior door hardware should be taken into consideration, so as to ensure the safety of the building.

  • Wind pressure resistance

Wind pressure resistance is one of the most basic performances of building doors. This is the most fundamental judgment to measure the quality of building doors, and the influence of exterior door hardware on this performance is decisive.

In fact, many physical properties of exterior door hardware are inseparable from hardware accessories. The exterior door hardware provides an opportunity for doors to be sealed, so that the doors have better protection against wind pressure.

  • Energy consumption

For the whole building energy consumption and doors account for a big part, so to save the energy consumption of the whole building, energy saving of exterior door hardware is an important issue to be considered.

  • Anti-corrosion

Exterior door hardware

The exterior door hardware should adopt anti-corrosion materials and treatment methods. Because if the exterior door hardware rusts, it will affect the smoothness of sliding, and the mechanical properties will also decrease, which will eventually cause the exterior door hardware to break.

What factors should buyers of exterior door hardware consider?

The selection of exterior door hardware should consider its versatility and reasonableness, as well as the craftsmanship and material quality of exterior door hardware production. Any exterior door hardware has its own scope of application and needs to be adapted to local conditions.

When considering the hardware options in the door system, the first thing is to have an overall study and understanding of the door system, especially the selection of the exterior door hardware size.

Therefore, the buyer must first consider the wind pressure resistance, air tightness and stability of the building door, and choose from the size of the door sash, the shape of the profile cross-section and the opening method.

The purchaser of exterior door hardware should also consider the factors determined by the width and weight of the door sash to choose the load-bearing level, specification and size of the hinge, sliding brace, pulley and other load-bearing parts while ensuring safety.

In particular, when wind pressure is required, the number and layout of the exterior door hardware is determined based on the local wind pressure standard and the height of the floor to ensure the required wind pressure resistance, air tightness and stability of the doors.

A Solid door lock, high durability hinge, long-lasting door handles, and a tough face plate are absolute necessities. Consumers will want hardware that’s easy to operate, but hardware that provides excellent security and durability at the same time.

D&D's metal door hardware are used for rigorous safety testing (including BS EN, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA) for education, healthcare, hospitality, residential and commercial applications.


Exterior door hardwareExterior door hardware

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