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How to choose the fire rated door hardware?

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How to choose the fire rated door hardware?

Fire door fittings choose application 

Fire has always been a hidden danger in our lives, so now many public places and families will be equipped with stainless steel fire doors, so that in the event of fire, we can better ensure the safety of our lives. Now let's get to know the characteristics of metal fire door and the selection guide of fire door hardware.

fire rated door hardware solution

To ensure the quality of stainless steel fire doors, the selection of hardware fittings is also an important link. Since fire doors are special for fire protection, their fittings cannot be instantaneously fired naturally, so the selection of hardware fittings for fire doors must be strict. D&D hardware is equipped with a series of authentication hardware that meets various design requirements. All hardware has a variety of surface treatment options.

 Auditorium Escape Exit-European Steel Door Staircase Escape Channel-American Double Steel Door


1. The fire rated door hinge

Fire doors are generally thicker, so that they can play their due fireproof ability, and in order to ensure smooth switching, it needs to use a hinge to fix on the door frame. If the fire rated door hinge itself is not strong enough to fire, it will definitely become the short door of the whole door. Therefore, all labeled door hinges must be made of high quality steel and meet adequate specifications in order to avoid deformation at high temperatures.

What are the general standards for fire rated door hinges?

Hinges selection of based on the following factors:

Door weight

Usage frequency

Door dimension

Ball bearing hinges are mandatory requirements for all fire rated door openings.

D&D produces the highest quality of stainless steel fire rated hingestested to international industry standardsEuropean Standards& American Standards, including BS EN, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA, Suitable for education, healthcare, hospitality, residential and commercial applications.

ANSI-Ball-Bearing-Hinge-DD-HARDWARE Hollow Metal Door Hinge-D&D Hardware

For example, BS EN 1935 uses 8-bit coding system to classify door furniture. Each number contains different hierarchical requirements: category of use; durability, test door mass, fire resistance (grade 1 is Suitable for fire/smoke resistant door assemblies subject to satisfactory assessment of the contribution of the single-axis hinge to the fire resistance of the specified fire/smoke door assemblies.); Security and door high grade.


2. The fire rated mortise locks

Fire-rated mortise door lock as its name implies is a kind of fire-rated lock used on fire door, which can quickly open and close fire door.

High-level fire-rated door lock not only has CE certification, EN12209 certification, but also has 240 minutes of fire-rated certification (EN 1634), Solid stainless steel material enhanced durability and security.

mortise lock structure

fire rated sash lock Emergency escape lock


They are also equipped with cylinders and fire-rated door handles.

double cylinder Safety-Lever-Door-Handle-DDTH001


Of course, different countries have different fire protection standards.

For example, ANSI mortise Locks

ANSI mortise lock structure

Mortise Lock with UL Listed-D&D Hardware


3. The fire rated door closer

The function of fire rated door closer is that when the fire door is opened, the door closer will automatically start and close the fire door, so that the fire door can be closed, so that the fire door can effectively prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

When choosing a fire door closer, the first thing to see is whether the door closer meets the requirements of international standards, such as UL certification. Secondly, according to the weight of the door, the width of the door, the frequency of opening the door and the use of the environment and requirements, the metal door closer should be selected. Generally speaking, the weight and width of the door are the main factors in choosing the type of the door closer. If the weight of the door is small, choose the type with less strength, and vice versa. And the frequency of opening is closely related to the quality of products. For the occasion of frequent use, the door max with good sealing performance and long service life should be selected.



P.S: Double doors with two door closers shall be equipped with one door selector.

gravity door selector for hollow metal door


4.  The exit device for fire rated door.

The main function of the exit device is to prevent foreign personnel from entering the interior without permission, and to achieve the safety of internal personnel in emergency situations such as fires.

A good quality Exit Device should have these features:

Available in SS Grade 304 and painted steel

UL 10C Fire Rated for use on timber and metal doors

Touch bar length of device :500mm

Security Anti-thrust latch



UL-Panic-Device-DDPD003 Double-leaf-Fire-Door-Solutions-DDPD004

The handle for exit device 

lever trim


Fire rated doors are public safety products. Their quality is directly related to whether firefighting facilities can play a timely and effective role after a fire, and effectively protect personal safety and property safety.


D&D hardware has more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying building hardware products. Specialized fire rated hardware products include fire rated door hinges,fire rated mortise lock, fire rated door handle, fire rated door closer,  fire rated exit device, etc.

Our experienced and qualified team can help you find the most suitable solution for your needs, committed to mutual benefit.


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