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Which are the most frequently used function of Exit device

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Which are the most frequently used function of Exit device

There are many operating functions available. The most frequently used are:

Function       Description      number

lever trim

01.EXIT ONLY (EO) : No outside trim.


02.DUMMY TRIM (DT): Trim is not functional acting only as dummy trim. Use to pull door open when device is dogged. May also be a rigid knob or lever. Often used on the inactive leaf of a pair of doors to match the operating trim on the active leaf.


03.NIGHT LATCH (NL): Outside always locked except when key is used to retract the latch-bolt similar to a storeroom function. Available with outside knob, lever or dummy handle.


05.THUMB PIECE (TP): The outside operating trim (thumb piece) may be locked or unlocked by use of a key, similar to classroom function.

THUMB PIECE lever trim


08.KNOB/LEVER: Same as above except operating trim is a knob (K) or lever (L).

lever trim 

11.TURN LEVER (TL): Turn lever may be locked or unlocked by used of a key. Usually found on a vertical rod device and when unlocked the turn lever will retract the vertical rods.


N/A.BLANK ESCUTCHEON (BE): No cylinder control the outside operating trim of thumb piece, knob or lever is operable at all times, similar to latch set.


Function Numbers taken from ANSI/BHMA Standard A 156.3.


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