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How to install the fire rated door hinge?

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How to install the fire rated door hinge?

Installation of Fire Rated Hinge

Fire-resistant hinges are small parts hidden between doors and frames in the installation of fire-resistant doors, but they are an important connection to realize the opening and closing of fire-resistant doors. The biggest advantage of the fire door hinge is that it will not deform under high temperature environment, and the structure is strong. It can normally open and close the fire door when a fire occurs, which guarantees the life safety of building personnel. To ensure that fire doors effectively protect against fires, we need to understand how to install fire door hinges to make fire doors function.


Below we understand the installation of fire hinges from these aspects:

1. Preparations for installing fire door hinges

2. How to install fire prevention hinges and precautions


1. Preparations for installing fire door hinges

1-1. Fireproof hinges should be determined whether the size of the hinge matches the door before installation. If the height, width, and thickness of the fireproof hinges do not match, the load of the hinges may not meet the requirements, which will affect the future use and function of the fireproof door.

CE-Ball-Bearing hinge

1-2. Fire door hinge installation requires matching accessories such as supporting screws. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the accessories are compatible and the number of screws is complete. In addition, you need to determine the installation position and number of hinges to match the installation of the door.

1-3. Check the verticality of the inside and outside facades, the verticality of the left and right facades, and the horizontal height of the fire door frame with a level ruler before installation. If the door frame has a small deviation in any direction, it must be taken into account when installing the door leaf.

1-4. The number of door hinges is determined according to the weight, size and material of the door. The reasonable configuration can bear the weight of the fire door, avoiding deformation and damage due to long use. Fire prevention hinges need to be properly planned to avoid uneven force.


2. How to install fire prevention hinges and precautions

istall the hinge on the door


2-1. Slotting. After determining the position of the fire door hinge installation, you need to make a groove on the side where the hinge is installed. The depth of the groove must be the same as the thickness of the sheet. The sheet is laid flat in the groove, and the surface of the sheet is checked to be flush with the surface of the door cover.

Pay attraction: The width of the slot is about 2mm less than the width of the single-piece hinge to prevent them from rubbing against the door frame.

2-2. Fire rated hinge screws must be tightened. During the process of tightening the hinge, it is necessary to fix the hinge with supporting screws. The screws should be perpendicular to the door cover and the edge of the door. If the screws are inclined, the hinge will be squeezed when the door is closed. The door will shorten the service life of the hinge, and will affect the function of the fire door, which may cause the fire door to lose its fire function.

DDSS001-CE HINGE UL stainless steel door hinge


Installing a fire-rated hinge does not mean the end. It is also necessary to check the function of the hinge: check whether the opening and closing of the hinge is flexible, and at the same time check whether the connection between the fire door hinge and the door frame is smooth and smooth, and the installation must be perfect. D & D's fire rated door hinges are made of SUS201/SUS304/SUS316, which meets UL and CE test requirements and can still work normally and can open and close fire doors normally. It has the highest performance and is suitable for education, healthcare, and hospitality, residential and commercial applications. A professional team of D&D can provide perfect hardware matching solutions.

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