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What kind of door hardware is suitable for fire rated doors?

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What kind of door hardware is suitable for fire rated doors?

Fire rated doors meet the requirements of fire resistance stability, integrity and insulation for a certain period of time. With more and more modern high-rise buildings,fire doors that can greatly protect the lives of people play a vital role. 

Fire doors have three main functions:

1. When the fire is in the initial stage, the tightness and proper installation of the fire door can control the supply of oxygen in the room. Effectively, the fire control is in the initial stage.

2. When the fire reaches a certain stage, the tightness of the fire door prevents the spread of fire and smoke, allowing the escaper to have more time to escape.

3. When people escape, fire doors can ensure that people pass safely through the escape route.


It can be seen how important it is to have a closed and properly installed fire door. Let the door play the most important role, high quality door hardware is essential.

Let us know the door hardware of the standard fire door:

1. What door hardware does the fire door have?

2. What kind of door hardware can be installed on the fire door?


1. What door hardware does the fire door have?

The hardware that will be installed on a basic fire door is: hinge, mortise lock, door handle, door closer, panic exit device.


2. What kind of door hardware can be installed on the fire door?

Not all door hardware is suitable for installation on fire doors. Every fire door that guarantees the safety of people's lives must pass various test certifications to be installed in a building. In order to ensure fire door measures, there is FIDS (Fire Door Inspection Scheme), which is jointly operated by BWF-British Woodworking Federation and Guild of Architectural Ironmongers.

Britain, like Europe, uses the European standard EN 1634.

fire rated door hardware solution

The hardware on the fire door must be tested with the fire door through the fire door EN1634. It also needs to comply with the formal inspection requirements of EN/CE and is certified by a third-party certification body. (D&D fire rated hardware products: hinge - BSEN1935; door closer - BS EN1154; mortise lock-BS EN12209; escape rod - BS EN1125)

Detailed explanation:


Stainless steel hinge

Must comply with the BS EN1935 standard. There is also a need for long-term maintenance facilities that are damaged and replaced. No rise hinges and spring hinges are used. The melting point of the material is not less than 800 degrees Celsius.

UL Ball Bearing Hinge-D&D HardwareCE Door Hinge-DDSS001-CE-433


Door closer

Must comply with the BS EN1154 standard. The door closer also requires any angular kinetic energy to automatically close the door. It is not allowed to use a positioning device. The use of adjustable force door closers also requires consideration of sick and old users, so the door closer must be equipped with a time-delay door closing device.

CE Storm Door Closer-DDDC016CE Metal Door Closer-DDDC017UL Heavy Duty Door Closer-DDDC018


Doors lock series—mortise lock and door handle

The door lock must comply with the standard of BS EN1906.The material of the lock body and the bolt has a melting point of not less than 800 degrees Celsius, and the melting point of the steel fire door for 90 minutes or more is not less than 900 degrees Celsius. The handle of the door handle is used, and it is required to comply with BS EN1906 strength level 3 or above. (D&D door handles not only meet BS EN1906, but also have Class 4)


CE Mortise Door Lock DDML009Door Handle-DDTH001


Fire door panic exit device

Must comply with the BS EN1125 standard. Escape devices must have long-term maintenance measures. The escape device cannot be locked with a locking tongue, except for a door leaf that does not need to be fastened. Buildings that live or work for more than 60 people must have escape devices installed in the escape doors.

Fire Rated Exit Hardwareemergency exit door push bar-DDPD004

Door bolt

It must comply with the BS EN12051 standard, use the mounted pins as much as possible, and can only be installed on double doors. The door latch has the force to withstand improper use.

Manual Flush Bolt-DDDB011


Door selector

The Door selector must be installed according to the size of the door and the closing force of the door closing device, and the door can be closed at any angle.

 Commercial Door Selector-DDDR001

The Fire-proof door is related to the life of the person, to ensure the quality of the steel fire door, the selection of hardware accessories is also an important link. Since the fire door is dedicated to fire prevention, its accessories cannot be met with fire, so the selection of fire door hardware accessories It must be strict and pass the test. Every accessory is essential, and these accessories complement each other and work together to make the function of the fire door work smoothly.


D&D hardware has more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing Fire Rated Door hardware for fire doors, include fire rated door hinges, ANSI fire door hinges, Door handles, Mortise locks, Door closers, Panic exit devices and Door Accessories etc.


Not only door hardware, but also door-opening solutions.  Our experienced and qualified team can help you find the most suitable solution for your needs, committed to mutual benefit.

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