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What is a door coordinator and what does it do?

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What is a door coordinator and what does it do?

Door coordinators are used to control the closing sequence of a pair of doors when both leaves are furnished with latching hardware and one leaf latches into the other of has an overlapping astragal. Typically, these openings will have a vertical rod exit device or automatic flush bolts installed on the inactive leaf of the opening and a mortise, bored of preassembled lock or latch or mortise exit device on the active leaf. If the active leaf closes first, the projected latch-bolt will prevent the inactive door from being able to close. In these cases, the inactive leaf must close before the active leaf, ensuring the opening returns to the closed and latched position.


The builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) established industry standards to distinguish the differences between the types of door coordinators. These standards are recognized by the American National Standards Institute ANSIand are published by BHMA. Standard A156.3 – Exit Devices establishes the criteria for determining the grade of coordinators.


There are two types of coordinators: soffit-mounted and gravity


Soffit-Mounted Coordinators:

Soffit-mounted coordinators consist of a rectangular shaped tube that is attached directly to the soffit of the head of the door frame. A bolt projects from the edge of the coordinator holding the active leaf open until it is released by the trigger mechanism on the inactive leaf end of the coordinator. As the inactive leaf closes it compresses a trigger releasing the bolt holding the active leaf open, and allows the active door to close.

Soffit-mounted coordinators are available in primed steel and a limited number of plated finishes. Primed steel coordinators can be painted to match the frame, making them unobtrusive.


Door coordinator for double door

double doorDoor coordinatorDDDR003详情 

Brackets and Filler Bars

Auxiliary brackets are used with soffit-mounted coordinators to provide a secure anchoring base for parallel arm closer brackets, soffit-mounted strikes for surface vertical rod exit devices and arm brackets for overhead stops.

Filler bars are used to extend the body of soffit-mounted coordinator across the width of the opening.

Gravity Coordinators:

Gravity coordinators consist of a cast arm and pivot assembly that is mounted to face of the head of the door frame on the pull side of the opening. When the inactive leaf is opened the arm drops and holds the active leaf open until the inactive leaf closes. Next, the arm is pushed up and allows the active leaf to close. A roller on the end of the arm permits the coordinator to work smoothly and efficiently.

Gravity coordinators are typically used where aesthetics are less of a concern, due to the projection of the arm above the door. Because the arm is exposed, gravity coordinators are often subjected to vandalism.

Door coordinator for door 

wooden door Door coordinatorwooden door Door coordinator 

Carry Open Bars:

Carry open bars are used with both soffit and gravity coordinators. A carry open bar is attached to the inactive leaf and pushes, or carries, the active leaf open to a point where the coordinator can hold the door open.

Door coordinatorcarry bar


The door coordinator is mainly for the service of fire rated doors, and its function is to control the closing sequence of the left and right doors. If the double door cannot be closed in order due to personnel entering and exiting during a fire, and a door gap problem occurs, the fire and smoke prevention requirements of the design cannot be achieved. The installation of the door coordinator can solve the problem of the sequence of closing the double-leaf fire door, so that the fire door can play a reliable role of fire prevention, smoke prevention and partition.

D&D's door coordinator is made of 201/304 stainless steel, suitable for education, health-care, hospitality, residential and commercial applications. And a professional team can provide a complete hardware matching program.

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