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What are requirements for a fire rated door hardware?

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What are requirements for a fire rated door hardware?

Fire rated doors can meet fire resistance stability, integrity and insulation for a certain period of time. It is a fireproof partition with certain fire resistance, such as in fire compartments, evacuation stairwells, and vertical shafts.

In addition to the function of ordinary doors, fire doors have the function of preventing the spread of fire and the spread of smoke, which can prevent the spread of fire for a certain period of time and ensure the evacuation of personnel.


What kind of requirements does the door hardware need to be installed on the fire door? Therefore, we can understand from the following two points:

1. What is the standard for fire door position?

2. What is the basic standard for fire door hardware?


1.What is the standard for fire door position?

Fire doors are generally located in the following locations: closed evacuation stairs leading to walkways; closed elevator doors leading to the front and front rooms leading to the walkway doors. Inspection doors for vertical pipeline wells such as cable wells, pipeline wells, exhaust ducts, and garbage lanes. Divide the fire zone; control the firewall and fire door on the partition building area.

Basic Fire Door requirement Check List:

(1) A fire door must have a label attached.

(2) A fire door frame must have either an attached or an embossed label.

(3) A fire door must be self-latching.

(4) A fire door must be self-closing.

(5) If a fire door is held open, it must be equipped with a listed heat responsive device, fusible link or a smoke detection device.

(6) A fire door must be free of any obstructions which could prevent the door from operating properly, i.e., wedge door stops, chains, hook backs, etc.

(7) Only listed fire door hardware shall be used.

(8) A fire door must have steel bearing-type hinges. (Exception: Non-bearing plain steel hinges may be used if they are part of a listed assembly.)

(9) Doors swinging in pairs that require astragals shall have at least one overlapping astragal. Pairs of doors within a means of egress shall not be equipped with an astragal that inhibits the free use of either leaf. A coordinator or open back strike should be used to ensure proper closing.

(10) Fire doors with glass lights: a. the glass frame and glazing bead must be metal. b. The glass must be labeled wire glass not less than 1/4" thick or as permitted by the labeling agency.

(11)Fire doors with fusible link louvers: a. only listed louvers can be used. b. Louvers can be furnished in 1-3/4" thick doors with a 1-1/2-hour or a 3/4-hour (no louver and glass light combinations are permitted). c. Maximum louver size is 24" x 24". d. Louvers are not permitted to be installed in doors with fire exit hardware or in stairwells.


Fire-proof doors shall be installed and maintained in accordance with NFPA standards.

The NFPA 80 regulations help ensure proper installation, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire door assemblies, fire window assemblies, fire dampers, fabric fire safety curtains and fire protection curtain assemblies. When it comes to change, everyone needs to know – from the manufacturer to the designer, engineer, contractor, AHJ, fire door inspector and building owner.

Therefore, fire door fittings also need to be installed and maintained in strict accordance with NFPA requirements.


2.  What is the basic standard for fire door hardware?

fire rated door hardware

Proper installation of openings in fire protection components is essential – fire doors and fire windows need to be inspected and tested annually to ensure they are in proper working order and help limit fires in the event of a fire.

In accordance with the requirements of NFPA 80(section):

Door - There is no opening or break in the surface of the door or frame. An indication sign is required on the door.

Indication accessories - glass, indicator holders and glass beads are intact and securely held in place.

Hinge—the hinge must comply with the BS EN1935 standard or ANSI/BHMA A 156.1 test. The non-flammable threshold is fixed, the hinge installation is aligned correctly, and no damage can occur. Mounting on the door does not allow the door to fall or tilt.

UL Ball Bearing Hinge-D&D HardwareCE Door Hinge-DDSS001-CE-433

Panic exit device–the panic exit device must comply with the BHMA/ANSI A.156.3 Grade 1 or BS EN1125 standard. Panic exit device must have long-term maintenance measures. The panic exit device cannot be locked with a locking tongue, except for a door leaf that does not need to be fastened.

Fire Rated Exit Hardwareemergency exit door push bar-DDPD004

Door lever trim—the lever trim must comply with the EN1634 Fire Rated.

SS Door Lever Trim-DDPD012

Door closer –the door closer must comply with the BS EN1154 standard or NFPA 80. The automatic closing device is operating normally and there is no jamming.

Alignment device - if the positioner is installed on the door, the inactive leaf closes before active leaf.

CE Storm Door Closer-DDDC016CE Metal Door Closer-DDDC017UL Heavy Duty Door Closer-DDDC018

Auxiliary hardware items that interfere or prohibit operation are not installed on the door or frame.

No field modifications to the door assembly have been performed that void the label.

No parts were lost or damaged.


In view of the characteristics of high-rise buildings where fires are likely to cause major casualties, we must adhere to the idea of “preventing problems before they happen”. From the beginning of architectural design, it is necessary to strictly abide by the relevant provisions of building fire prevention, adopt advanced building fire prevention technology and careful fire prevention measures to reduce high-rise fire damage, and avoid and mitigate the damage caused by high-rise building fires to people's lives and property. In the same process, we must start from the construction process, strictly implement relevant standards and regulations, strictly implement fire protection construction and acceptance standards in construction operations, and adopt new building materials, fire extinguishing equipment, fireproof materials, advanced fire prevention equipment, etc. . This will create favorable conditions for the fire safety of high-rise industrial and civil buildings.


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