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How to determine the type of hinge?

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How to determine the type of hinge?

The hinges are one of the most active components of any opening combined with the lock, exit device and closer. Hardware in general is not thought of unless it does not work properly, and the door unit will not function properly if the proper hanging device is not specified.


So, how do we determine the proper type of hinge?

There are several pieces of information that are needed to select the proper type of hinge.

1, What is the door material (wood or hollow metal)?

2, What is the frame material (wood or hollow metal, channel iron)?


There are four classifications of hinges: Full Mortise, Half Mortise, Full Surface, Half Surface.


1.Full Mortise Hinge

The full mortise hinge is the most common in use today. One leaf is mortised into the door’s hinge stile and the other leaf is mortised into the frame. Only the barrel can be seen when the door is closed. Full mortise hinges can be used on aluminum, hollow metal and wood doors and frames.(WD or HM X WF or HMF)

Full mortise hinges were formerly referred to as butt hinges because the two leaves of the hinge abutted when the hinges was in the closed position.

full mortise 


2.Half Mortise Hinge

With the half mortise hinge, one leaf is mortised into the hinge stile of the door and the other leaf is offset for surface mounting to the door frame. The surface leaf on the frame can be seen when the door is closed. Half mortise hinges are commonly used with channel iron frames, which require that the leaf on the frame must be surface mounted.(HM X GIF)

half mortise 


3.Full Surface Hinge

The leaves of a full surface hinge are applied to the face of the door and frame. However, the frame leaf is narrower than the door leaf to accommodate limited frame conditions. The entire hinge is exposed to view when the door is closed. Full surface hinges are made to accommodate the inset of the door in the frame. Full surface hinges are most frequently used with kalamein wood doors or doors of tubular steel mounted to channel iron frames.(MCD or HM X GIF)

full surface 


4.Half Surface Hinge

The half surface hinge has one leaf offset for surface mounting to the door and the other leaf is mortised into the frame. When the door is closed, you can see the surface leaf on the door.(WD X WF or MCD X HMF)

half surface 

How do you remember the difference between half surface and half mortise hinges?

Just remember that the door is the key element.

Whichever way the hinge installs onto the door is used as the name.

Thus the hinge which is mortise on the door and is surface on the frame is a half mortise hinges.



Select the Proper Weight and Bearing Structure

Heavy Weight - Ball Bearing

Example: DDSS001, 4.5" x 4.5" ( 114.3mm x 114.3mm ),US32D



Standard Weight - Ball Bearing

Example: DDSS001, 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" ( 114mm x 114mm ),US32D



Standard Weight - Plain Bearing

Example: DDSS004, 4" x 4" ( 102mm x 102mm ),US32D


There are two factors that determine the weight and structure of the hinge: weight of the door and frequency of use.

It is advisable to include the approximate weight of additional hardware that will be installed on the door.



Different weights, different types of doors should use different hinges. The proper hinge can not only fully play the role of the door, but also prolong its service life and reduce the cost increase later. D&D's stainless steel hinges are used for rigorous safety testing (including BS EN, CE, UL, ANSI and BHMA) for education, health-care, hospitality, residential and commercial applications.

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