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How to choose door hardware for wooden door?

Views:30     Author:D&D Hardware     Publish Time: 2017-09-13      Origin:D&D Hardware

How to choose door hardware for wooden door?

The Door Accessories that complements your door—the Door Hinges, Locks, Lever Handles, Door Closers, Flush Bolts, Door stopper, faithfully perform their jobs.  Should you choose the door hardware, it is important to account for budget, style and function. As a professional suppliers of door hardware, D&D offers a combination of architecture door hardwares to suite the individual building whatever it is exterior or interior, meeting not only the requirements for design and function, but also the desired budget.

Door Hinge

The door hinge is an important part of door, it can make open and close the door easily, can also make the door installation and removal easy. We have plated the surface of exterior and interior door hinges, it looks smooth and deepens the beauty of commercial building. Compared with single hinge, the door hinges hardware offers additional savings. As a professional door hinge types manufacturer in China, we provide customers various exterior and interior door hinges, our door hinges are high-quality, durable, anti-rust and textured, they must can meet your requirements for door hinges.UL Listed, 3 hours fire rated. You can choose what you want from all of the following door hinges.


Door Lock

Door lock is a necessary object in every building, it guarantees the ownership of persons and articles without infringement. we provide customers various door locks, such as Euro mortise lock, mortise entry lock, privacy lock, dead bolt lock, etc. Every kind of our door lock provide modern or traditional design and safety to you, based on guaranteeing your safety.Through our various surface treatments, your new door locks can match your existing door hardware well. You can accord to your door to choose a suitable security door lock.


Door Handle

As a professional Lever Handle producer, we manufacture all kinds of Lever Handle, such as stainless steel lever, door knobs, Solid door handle and so on. These door handles have the wide range of  applicatioins, it can be used on Wooden door,Metal door,swing door, Interior,outer door and so on, so you can choose the suitble Lever Handle  for your project need. Custom Designs, Sizes, Finish and logos are welcome. The materials which make up for the door handle are Stainless steel 304, 201,316. We provide high quality products based on guaranteeing safety, maximize to beautify commercial building.


Door Closer

Door closer systems from our company are intelligent, integrated access solutions that combine consistency, convenience, design and premium quality. The wide-ranging door closer portfolio satisfies a broad spectrum of functional requirements such as Wooden Door, Passage Door, Metal door, Interior Door, Outer Door etc. and thus offers solutions for almost any individual door situation.The material is Die-casting Aluminum. The loading weight can be from 20 to 125 kgs. 


Door Bolt

Door bolt is an usual door assembly in our daily life, and it play an important role. The door bolt we provide including lever action flush bolt, wooden door bolt, metal door flush bolts, door latch, security door bolts, stainless steel indicator bolt and dust proof socket. Different door bolt has different functions but they have same high quality, so you just need to choose the appropriate door bolt for your application. After a period of use, our door bolt will not rust, but be more and more smooth, of course, you should better make sure it is not in a damp setting. Browse through the categories below and you'll soon find what the door bolt you want.


Door Stopper

Door stopper is a  classification of ours, its type includes door holder, floor mounted door stop, wall mounted door stops, magnetic door holders and foot operated door holder. You can according to these different classification to find what you want soon. To meet different customers’ different needs, we design various door stoppers, and the door stopper is high quality and durable. If you've been looking for a good door stopper, we can meet your needs. As a professional door stoppers manufacturer in China, we aim to provide customers best door stoppers with affordable price, which also have highest quality.

DnD Hardware certification

D&D is an excellent manufacturers and suppliers who is able to offer special designs, styles and finishes to enable designer's own preferences to be expressed.


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