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How Fire Rated Door Hardware protect Human Safety?

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How Fire Rated Door Hardware protect Human Safety?

Torch Tower Residence block.jpg

(The Torch Tower Residence block is pictured on fire in Dubai Marina on Aug. 4, 2017 in Dubai, U.A.E. )

On the night of August 4 , the tallest residence building in the world- Dubai torch tower fire. The fire was put out after about 2 hours and it was the second fire from the torch tower built up to now. Coincidentally, the British Grenfell Tower also suffered a deadly fire in June, it caused at least 80 people casualties.

The frequent fire in the building have sounded the alarm for the fire safety of buildings. While we are concerned about the affected people, it’s very important to learning the knowledge of fire escape and do the fire safety work.

When it comes to the fire safety work in the buildings, it is inevitable to mention an important role: fire doors. The matching door hardware is the most important thing to make the fire door have the true fireproof function.

Today, let’s talk about how the door hardware of D&D Hardware helps the building to solve fire safety problems.

01: Fire Rated Door Hinges


The door hinge, also called full mortise hinge, ball bearing hinge, fire rated door hinge, it is the door control hardware that we are familiar with. As a necessary component of the fire door, it plays an important role in a sudden fire condition. The longer it fireproof, the longer it will help to isolate the fire in the limited space. It can be seen how important hinge it is to pass the UL fire detection .

  D&D Hardware door hinge products  adhere to the brand consistent Premium quality,  the use of high quality materials, can be widely used in wood door, steel door, metal door, fire escape door, interior door, external door and other doors .  D&D Door Hinge 3 hours fire-rated Certified by UL, UL File Number: R38013.

02: Door Closer 

Door Closer.jpg

When designing buildings, we will find that some doors are in the public area of the building and in the fire channel. If the door is closed, it is not convenient for the guests to pass. If the door is always open, it will not meet the fire requirement. The multi-functional Door Closer of D&D Hardware provides you the perfect fire door solution, which guarantees the comfortable experience of the guests and the safety of the pepole.

03: Panic Exit Device

Panic Hardware.jpg

If the door closer can let the door close in time and keep the danger off in the doorway, the escape push device can help people use hand and body quickly open the doors without other tools, strive for more time to escape the fire scene.

There is various Emergency Panic Exit Device of D&D Hardware,can match different door type and door weight. It greatly satisfy the different building requirements, the safety of the emergency exit is  integrated with safe, reliable, and beautiful.

From the above, we know that there is not a door hardware products are working alone, only the cooperation of each product to make the fire door work smoothly, and make comprehensive fire safety solutions for construction of buildings to prevent the happening of the tragedy at the most extent.

D&D Hardware provides high quality, durable hardware products to consumers, distributors and manufacturers. Our products, which include Door HingesPanic Exit DeviceDoor CloserMortise Locks, Lock Cylinder, Lever Handles,etc.

All our products strictly according to international Standard, such as the ANSI, BS EN/CE, UL, BHMA standard.


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