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Frequency of Door Usage and Standard for Lock

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Frequency of Door Usage and Standard for Lock

Guidelines for frequency of door usage and standard for lock

Build type Daily usage Yearly usageStandard for lock
High frequency & Heavy weight door
Large department store entrance 5,000 1,825,000  
ANSI standard
Hospital corridor and surgical doors 5,000 1,825,000
Large office building entrance 4,000 1,426,000
School entrance 1,250 456,250
School toilet door 1,250 456,250
Office stairwell 500 182,500
Office building toilet door 400 146,000
Medium frequency & Medium weight door
School corridor door 100 36,500  
EN standard
Hospital consultation room 100 36,500
Office building corridor door 80 29,200
Store toilet door 60 21,900
Storage room 50 18,250

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