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BS EN1154-Door Closer

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Door Closer-D&D Hardware

Standards and Certification

BS EN 1154:1997 -The European standard for the performance of controlled door closing devices.

Providing details on product types, classification by use, test cycles, test cycles, door mass, corrosion resistance, as well as definations, product performance requirements, test apparatus, test methods and marking of products.

BS EN 1154:1997 classifies door closers by using a 6 digit coding system.

1. Category of use 

Two categories are defined.

Grade 3: For closing doors from at least 105° open

Grade 4: For closing doors from 180° open

2.Number of test cycles 

only one categories are is identified.

Grade 8: 500,000 cycles

3.Test Door Mass/ size 

Where a door closer provides a range of power sizes both the minimum and maximum shall be identified. *Door size/mass in accordance with BS EN 1154:1997

4.Fire Behaviour 

Two categories are defined.

Grade 0 : Not suitable for use on fire/smoke door assemblies

Grade 1:Suitable for use on fire/smoke door assemblies, subject to satisfactory testing and assessment(See BS EN 1634 Part1: 2000)


All doors closers are required to satisfy the essential requirements of safety in use. Therefore only grade 1 is identified.

6.Corrosion resistance 

Five categories are defined.

Grade 0 : No defiined resistance.

Grade 1 : mild resistance

Grade 2 : moderate resistance

Grade 3 : high resistace

Grade 4 : very high resistance

BS EN 1155:1997 -The European Standard for the performance of electrically powered hold open devices for swing doors.

This standard again provides details on product types, classification by use,test cycles,door mass, corrosion resistance, as well as definitions, product performance requirements, test appartus, test mathods and marking of products.

BS EN 1155:1997 classifies products using the same 6 digit coding system as outlined in BS EN 1154:1997. The only difference being box 3 where BS EN 1154 refers to durability, BS EN 1155 refers to hold open power size.

As a professional door closer manufacturer in China, we provide customers various exterior and interior door closer, like concealed door closerheavy duty door closer, etc. Our door closers are high-quality, durable, anti-rust and textured. The door closers we provide are suitable for wooden door, metal door, fire rated door, double door, single door, steel door of commercial or residential application.


All our products strictly according to international Standard, such as the ANSI, BS EN/CE, UL, BHMA standard.

 BS EN1154 Door Closer-D&D Hardware

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