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BS EN 1906 Lever Handles and Knob Furniture

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Door Handles-D&D Hardware

BS EN 1906 classifies door furniture by using an 8 digit coding system. A similar classification applies to all building hardware productStandards so that complementary items of hardware can be specified to, for instance, a common level of corrosion resistance, category of use, etc. Each digit refers to a particular feature of the product measured against the standard's performance requirements.

1.Category of Use

Four grades are identified:


Grade 1: medium frequency of use with a high incentive to exercise care and a small chance of misuse.

E.g. internal residential doors;

Grade 2: medium frequency of use by people with some incentive to exercise care but where there is some chance of misuse. 

E.g. internal office doors;

Grade 3: high frequency of use by public or others with little incentive to exercise care and with a high chance of misuse. 

E.g. public office doors;

Grade 4: high frequency of use on doors which are subject to frequent violent use. 

E.g. football stadiums, oil rigs, barracks , public toilets, etc.

Two grades of durability are identified:

Grade 6: Medium use-100 000 test cycles
Grade 7: High use-200 000 test cycles

The test undertaken to achieve these gardes involve the application of additional forces to the door furniture in order to simulate the conditions of use likely to be experienced in the field.


3.Tset door mass
No requirement

4.Fire resistance 
Two grades of fire resistance are identified:


Grade 1: Not approved for use on fire /smoke door assemblies.

Grade 2: Suitable for use on fire /smoke door assemblies.
Note: grade 1 classification means only that the furniture  has been designed for use on fire /smoke control doors; the actual  fire Performance achieved (E.g. fire integrity of 30 minutes on a partiall glazed  timber  door etc .)will be contained in a separate fire test report .


Two grades of safety  are  identified :

Grade  0:Normal use

Grade  1:Safety application-to qualify for this grade, handles must have high strength handle-to plate and plate-to handle door fixing and/or handle-to spindle fixing such that they would withstand a person grabbing in order to prevent falling. It is recommended that only safety furniture is used at the top of cellar steps or othet staircase . 


6.Corrosion resistance


Five grades are identified according to EN 1670:

Grade 0 

 No deined Corrosion Resistance

Grade 1

 Mild Resistance- minium requirement for internal use(24h salt spray test)

Grade 2

 Moderate Corrosion Resistance (48h salt spray test)

Grade 3

 High Corrosion Resistance (96h salt spray test)

Grade 4

Extremely High Resistance (240h salt spray test)- recommended for use in exposed marine atmosphere or very  pooluted industrial environments.

Note: Products intended to devlop a natural patina(such as bronze or brass)are not required to comply with any requirements.





Five grades are identified:

Grade 0 

 Not approved for use on burglary resistant doors  

Grade 1

 Low burglary resistance

Grade 2

 Moderate burglary resistance

Grade 3

 High Burglary resistance

Grade 4

 Extra High Burglary Resistance


Note: The main requirement include resistance to drilling, close fitting plates or escutcheons to help protect the lock and support the cylinder. They must be resistant to removal from the outside of the door and make provision to minimise the cylinder projection to a maximum of 3mm. full details of the requirement can be found in BS EN 1960.



8.Type of operations


Three operations types are identified:

Typa A   

 Spring assisted furniture  

Type B

 Spring Loaded furniture

Type U

 Unsprung Furniture


EN 1906 Grade 4 Certificate-D&D Hardware

As a professional door handle manufacturer in China, we provide customers various exterior and interior door handle, such as Solid Door Handle, Tubular Lever Handle, Door Handle On Plate, Push Pull Handleetc. Our door handles are high-quality, durable, anti-rust and textured. The stainless steel handles we provide are suitable for wooden door, metal door, fire rated door, double door, single door, steel door of commercial or residential application. 

All our products strictly according to international Standard, such as the ANSI, BS EN/CE, UL, BHMA standard.

BS EN1906 Door Handle-D&D Hardware

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