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What's the Door Lock?

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What's the Door Lock?

Locks are one of the world's oldest inventions, with a wide variety and thousands of years of development. The door lock is one of the locks that are indispensable for any occasion in our lives. The importance of door locks is particularly evident. Today we will combine the definition and characteristics of door locks with a brief summary and analysis of door locks.


·What's a Door Lock used for?

·What are the features of a Door Lock?

·How to select a Door Lock?


What's a Door Lock used for?


A door lock is a device that is used to lock a door in order to prevent others from opening this door. It is a necessary item for every building and it ensures the ownership of people and objects without being easily broken into.


What are the features of a Door Lock?

Features of Door Lock


The most important feature of a door lock is its security. As a security product, it must have both security and stability to measure. We have taken the robustness of the door lock into account when producing it, giving it a high quality and a long service life.


·Wide applicaitons

The door lock can be applied to a host of applications. Locks are indispensable in almost every living situation. There are many categories of door locks and the requirements for them vary from one occasion to another. For example, ordinary households generally use security door locks.


·High customisability

Door locks are available in a wide range of materials, including zinc alloy, stainless steel, brass and glass. Because of the door locks the functional requirements are determined according to the application, because different use environments have different functional focuses. Therefore the customer can consider the material in many ways when choosing.


These are the main features that our company's door locks have. Our company offers a wide range of door locks, such as European latch locks, latch door locks, privacy locks, latch locks, etc. For any kind of door lock, we have strict quality control, which is also to ensure that it can be used properly. In the next section we will focus on some of the considerations in choosing a door lock.


How to select a Door Lock?

Details of Door Lock

·Observe the surface treatment of the lock

The surface treatment of door locks is broadly divided into three types: electroplating, spraying and colouring. It is understood that each lock will form a dense protective film on the surface of the product through surface treatment, which plays the role of corrosion and rust prevention, making the lock more beautiful and durable, thus ensuring the service life of the lock. If the door lock does not undergo a sound surface treatment, it is easy to rust when it is in use.


·Check that the product packaging is fully marked

The production information of the product includes the execution standard of the product, the grade, the name and address of the manufacturer and the date of production. It is understood that certain small-scale enterprises may cut corners in the selection of materials in order to reduce costs. Therefore, we recommend that you must choose a manufacturer that is large and well-known.

Side face of Door LockFront view of Door Lock

The above is all the information on this occasion for door locks. Door locks provide us with an important security role. Noticeably, we offer a wide range of internal and external door locks such as Euro Mortise Lock, Privacy Lock, Deadbolt Lock, Bathroom Door Lock, Narrow Stile Lock, etc. Our company has strict control over the quality of each door lock. We are a specialist manufacturer of door hardware and all our products comply with strict international standards such as ANSI, BS EN/ CE, UL etc. Our products are durable, rust-proof and of high quality and are suitable for doors of different materials such as wooden, iron, single and double doors, etc., and can be used in various commercial scenarios. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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