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What is Silencer and where do we use it?

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What is Silencer and where do we use it?

Sometimes referred to as mutes, silencers are used to cushion the closing of a door in a wood or metal frame, thus quieting the closing of the door.

Door silencers are small rubber buttons, approximately 1/8” thick, with a projecting portion for insertion into holes prepared in the stop of frame.

Silencers with a cone-shaped projection are intended for use on metal frames.

Silencers with a cylindrical projection are intended for use on wood door frames.

Stick-on silencers can be applied to any type of frame that is not prepared for the other type of frame that is not prepared for the other types of silencers.


Metal door silencers



 Wood door silencers

Wood door silencers 

Adhesive Mounting Door Silencers

Adhesive Mounting Door Silencers 

Typically, three silences are used on single door frames: one near the top and bottom of the strike and one just above the strike location of the frame. Two silencers are used on paired openings: one on either side of the center of the opening.

Silencers are usually not required on openings fitted with gasketing since the gasketing material also cushions the closing of the door in the frame. However, in order to fill in the prepared holes. Be sure to coordinate the installation of the silencers and the gasketing to ensure the silencers do not prevent the door from sealing properly against the gasket material.

The purpose of gasketing is to seal the perimeter of the door, including the sill and meeting stile of paired openings.



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