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Technical performance of security door locks

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Security door locks are a type of door lock that is very strong and has a wide range of applications. Doors equipped with anti-security door locks can resist abnormal opening under certain conditions for a certain period of time, security door locks have certain security protection properties and conform to the corresponding anti-theft security level. This article will summarize the technical characteristics of the security door lock, a simple analysis and summary of the security door lock.


·Technical characteristics of security door locks

·The recommended reasons for using security door locks

·The market demand for security door locks.


Technical characteristics of security door locks



Security door locks have a high security performance and a durable surface, making them a little more secure than ordinary locks.



There are also differences in the types of security door locks, which use the more common European style lock cylinders, which can be used on high-grade door locks, good quality and high security doors. In addition, we are equipped with fire door locks that are applied to fire doors.


·High quality

Fire door locks can be made from different materials, but they can only be put on the market for sale if they meet the standard test pass, and the locks used on burglar-proof doors must be special locks with anti-drilling functions tested and qualified by the testing centre of the Ministry of Public Security. For each security door lock, our company has strict quality control.


In short, the most important feature of security door locks is that they are strong and durable, with a flexible opening and beautiful appearance. It is the first choice for security in civil and residential buildings, in high-rise buildings and in the financial sector.


The recommended reasons for using security door locks


In terms of security, security zinc alloy locks offer a better guarantee. Because ordinary security locks are really difficult to resist the increasingly skilled thieves, many TV news have revealed that most security locks on the market can be opened in a few dozen seconds and do not leave any traces. The security performance of security locks depends on the following aspects, the material of the lock nail, the tougher the material the better. The structure of the lock heart, the combination of several different structures is far better than a single structure. Finally, the precision of the processing, the higher the precision, the better the performance of the security door lock.


It is worth noting that when using security door locks, we need to pay attention to daily maintenance, especially during the winter months. When it comes to opening the door the key cannot be fully inserted into the lock hole to first check whether the key hole is frozen, check whether there are foreign objects in the key hole to avoid excessive force leading to the key breaking or the door not opening properly.


The market demand for security door locks.


Security locks have many advantages, such as durability, corrosion resistance and convenience, and they are used in a wide range of markets. With the rapid development of the economy, it is expected that the market demand for fireproof security door locks will grow in the future. Door locks are widely used and can be something that everyone can see every day. If you need more information about door locks, please pay attention to our company.

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