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How to maintenance the fire rated door hinges?

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How to maintenance the fire rated door hinges?

Fire rated door refers to the door that can meet the requirements of fire resistance stability, integrity and heat insulation within a certain period of time. It is mainly used in the openings of firewalls, stairwell entrances, evacuation walkways, pipeline wellheads, etc. Fire rated doors are usually used for people. When a fire occurs, it can prevent the spread of fire and the diffusion of smoke within a certain period of time, ensure the safe evacuation of personnel, and play a role of sealing when the positive pressure air supply system is working. To ensure the quality of fire doors, the selection of hardware accessories is also an important link. Since fire doors are special for fire protection, of course, their accessories must also be special for fire protection, so the selection of fire door hardware accessories must be strict. Reasonable installation, proper management, and whether it is in place are directly related to the fire protection effect of the fire rated door.


By understanding the importance of fire rated doors in buildings, and discussing matters that should be paid attention to when designing, installing, and using fire rated door hardware, ensure that fire doors effectively protect against fire in the event of a fire. The fire-proof door hinge is the center of the fire door suspension system. It is responsible for opening and closing the door for daily use. It can withstand the flame temperature when a fire occurs, guarantee the functionality of the fire proof door, and protect people from using the fire door to escape.

In order for the fire door hinge to function properly at critical moments, users must do routine fire hardware maintenance. We analyze from the following points:


1. Particularity of fire door hinge

2. How to maintain fire door hinges daily


1. Particularity of fire door hinge

The biggest advantage of the fire rated door hinge is that it will not deform under high temperature environment, and the structure is strong. It can normally open and close the fire rated door when a fire occurs, which guarantees the life safety of the building personnel. D & D's fire rated door hinges can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius. The door is warped and charred, and there are often considerable air pressure differences on both sides of the door. Ordinary hinges deform quickly. Fire-resistant hinges can pass the resistance test at 1000 ° C for 180 minutes, and then exceed the hose flow test: a test of 3 minutes. In the process, the door is repeatedly subjected to the impact of water under pressure. UL and CE certification tests still work and allow the door to open and close normally.

fire rated door hardware test


2. How to maintain fire door hinges daily

When installing the fire rated door hardware, qualified products must be selected, the grade of the fire door must not be lowered, and installation should be performed in strict accordance with the specifications.

Many people may have misunderstanding the hardware. The hardware accessories of the fire door are rust-resistant and wear-resistant materials, as long as they are properly installed. Usually, they do not pay attention to maintenance, but in daily life, the hardware will oxidize Electrolysis, or a certain loss due to the environment. Fire rated door hinges, as the most commonly contacted hardware, directly affect the service life of fire rated doors, so every small detail cannot be neglected.


The following are the maintenance items after installing the fire hinge:

2-1. SUS316 stainless steel hinges are recommended for use in coastal areas. Note that the hinge page should be kept dry during use. If it gets wet, it should be wiped away in time to avoid the formation of watermarks or rust.

2-2. Do not use Stainless steel brush or hardened cloths to wipe. Do not use chemical cleaning agents or acidic liquids to avoid damaging the surface, causing scratches and erosion.

2-3. Use engine oil to lightly tap the gap in the hinge, wipe the hinge clean with a paper towel, and then repeat the opening and closing until the excess oil in the hinge is discharged. Wipe clean again. In order to avoid prolonged noise during hinge rotation, it is recommended to use it every 3 months.

2-4. Avoid hanging large and heavy items at the direction end of the lock body of the door, so as not to increase the lateral tension of the hinge.

2-5. If it is installed in a place with frequent or strong use, it should be regularly checked whether the screw is loose. It is recommended to check every 3 months.

fire rated door hardware solution

A large part of the service life of fire rated doors depends on the maintenance of door hardware. In order to ensure the function of fire rated doors, you need to know how to maintain fire rated door hardware. Daily fire proof doors and door hardware need to be cleaned and maintained regularly in order to better function in the event of a fire. The well-maintained fire-resistant hinges can play a long-term fire-resistant function, so that the fire-resistant door can play its maximum role, and ensure the life safety of the building. This is the need to maintain fire door hinges. D & D's fire-resistant hinges meet the UL and CE test requirements and have the highest performance for education, healthcare, hospitality, residential and commercial applications. D & D can also provide detailed and professional hardware matching schemes according to different situations.

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