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How to install door hinges on an interior door?

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Door hinges play an important role in door, making the door open or close easily. When you buy the hinges, maybe you have trouble in installing the door hinge. Now, there has easy way to let you know how to install door hinges.

The step 1 of door hinge-D&D Hardware

The step 1 of door hinge-D&D Hardware

1.Place your hinges in the correct location. If you're installing a new door, you'll need to find the precise location on the door frame for your hinges. Most doors require a minimum of two hinges: one hinge is located 7-inches from the top of the door frame, and the other hinge is located 11-inches from the bottom of the door frame. Measure this distance and mark the location on the frame, and then do the same on the door that you're hanging.

For a third hinge (typically used for heavy doors), it will be placed directly in the middle of the other two hinges (this will put it slightly off-center).

The step 2 of door hinge-D&D Hardware

2.Trace around the hinge. Put your hinge in place on the door and the jamb, and use a carpenters pencil to carefully trace around the hinge. The depth of the hinge on the jamb should always be as thick as the hinge is. Double check to make sure that your outlines match the same location on the door and jamb, before moving to the next step. Then, use a utility knife to score the outline; this will make it easier to cut the mortise.

The step 3 of door hinge-D&D Hardware

3.Cut the dapt. This term is the professional term for cutting out the wood in the jamb in the shape of the hinge, so that the hinge will be inset in the jamb and provide more strength and aesthetic appeal. To cut the mortise, you’ll need a very sharp chisel and a hammer. While carefully angling the chisel, tap gently into the jamb from the side to remove thin strips of wood. Make sure not to cut the mortise too deep, as this will cause the hinge to become loose over time. Cut out only the outlined area and the marked depth. 

The step 4 of door hinge-D&D Hardware

4.Mark the location of the screws. Replace the hinge back in the jamb where you cut the mortise. Use your pencil to mark the location of the screws in the jamb. Do the same with the location of the hinge on the door. Remove the hinges when you're done marking.

The step 5 of door hinge-D&D Hardware

5.Drill the pilot holes. Use a drill or screwdriver to drill very narrow pilot holes in the location of the screws you marked on the jamb. Tap them lightly in first, to make sure the screws don't accidentally move out of place. Use a screw guide to keep the screws straight as they go into the wood.

The step 6 of door hinge-D&D Hardware

6.Install the individual hinges.Put the hinges back in their places, and use a drill or screwdriver to secure them individually into the jamb and the door.

The step 7 of door hinge-D&D Hardware

7.Connect the door to the jamb. Hold the door in place, using blocks under the bottom to support it if necessary. Line up the two hinge plates so that the ones on the door match the ones in the jamb. Slide the hinge pins into place, and remove the blocks from the door. Test the door to make sure it works, and you're finished!

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