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How to choose a suitable Door lock?

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A door lock is a device used to lock a door in place to prevent others from opening this door. Door locks are widely used and can be found almost everywhere. As people's quality of life levels increase, there are more and more types of door locks. However, many people do not know how to properly select a door lock. This article will bring the audience the solution to their doubts by combining the characteristics and types of door locks.


·What should I consider when choosing a door lock?

·The door lock applications.

·How to maintain a door lock?

What should I consider when choosing a door lock?


·Level of protection against theft

The primary function of a door lock is to prevent theft, and the degree of security of a door lock can be viewed directly from the complexity of the key design. To be more specific, a lock that has a lot of teeth and is not at all simple in terms of arrangement and design compared to other keys will have a better anti-theft capability.


·Service life

In the process of selecting a door lock in addition to focusing on the security features of the lock, it is best to also have other features, such as other moisture or sun protection, etc. It is important that the door lock is corrosion resistant. Generally speaking, the service life of a door lock with these features is also longer.


·Manufacturer size

The size of the door lock manufacturer is a direct factor affecting the quality of the door lock. Large and well-known manufacturers in the quality of a certain guarantee, the level of technology will be relatively high, the product after-sales service is not too bad, in all aspects will be relatively stable.


Door locks as security products should have security, stability. When selecting a door lock, we have to combine these two functions and use scenarios to select different types and materials of door locks. Our locks are available in a wide range of materials, including zinc alloy, stainless steel, brass and glass, and our locks are highly customizable to meet your needs.



The door lock applications.


Door locks are widely used and can be seen by everyone every day. Different types of door locks are used in all residential areas or in commercial and office buildings. There are many classifications of door locks and the requirements for door locks vary from one occasion to another. Ordinary families generally use security door locks, while public places generally use glass door locks. The level of security of a door lock is tailored to the different scenarios of use.


How to maintain a door lock?


Door locks contain many parts that operate under high loads and will inevitably fail a little if they have a long life. Some people, when they encounter tightness in a door lock, often like to drip some lubricant into the locking eye. In fact, adding lubricant frequently can also lead to clogged locks. Therefore, we recommend that if you have difficulty opening the door, you can sharpen some pencil shavings or some candle shavings, blow them into the lock through a thin tube and then insert the key and turn it several times.


These are all the information about stainless steel door locks, when choosing a door lock just remember to consider how and where the lock will be used and what level of security you need. Our company is an international company that specializes in door locks as well as door hardware. We have strict quality control over any of our door locks, so if you need more information, please contact us.


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