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How to choose a door lock in relation to the environment in which it will be used?

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Door locks are essential equipment in people's lives and without them, life's safe living and privacy will not be guaranteed. The development of door locks has been going on for centuries, and the variety of locks on the market has become unimaginable. From the point of view of the material of the door lock, it can be divided into stainless steel, iron, aluminum and other door locks. This article provides a sound advice on how to select a door lock in conjunction with the scenario of its use.


·How to select a door lock?

·The requirements of different types of door locks.

·The main advantages of door locks.


How to select a door lock?


·Security factor

The security factor of the latch is an important factor in the security of the door lock. If the door is installed outdoors, it is best to choose a multi-point latch, such a lock cylinder in the use of the process, the security factor will be higher, in order to enhance the security factor, you can directly buy the kind of double hook latch door lock, our company's insert lock is a good choice.



Take security door locks as an example, you can judge the durability of the locks from the hinges of the security doors. Choose hinges with high strength to avoid affecting the opening of the locks over time. In addition, we can also judge the quality of the door lock directly by the surface treatment.


In addition to the above-mentioned precautions, after the purchase of the door level lock, check the product package purchased when the logo, signs are complete such as product implementation standards, grade, production date, etc., whether the packaging is firm, the content of the manual and the product is consistent. Avoid buying inferior door locks, thus affecting the use.


The requirements of different types of door locks.


Depending on the scenario in which the door lock is used, it is most notably divided into indoor and outdoor scenarios. Interior door locks are commonly represented by privacy locks, which are used in access doors, exterior doors, flush doors, wooden doors and interior doors. In contrast, privacy locks are not particularly excellent in terms of security features. If you need to ensure the security of your door lock, buy a lock with a high metal strength, which also has a long-life span.


Most of the hardware of our door locks are polished by us and their smooth surfaces and rust-resistant materials ensure that they are corrosion resistant. In addition, when buying and selling, check whether the product is reliable, flexible and should be selected from two or more products for cross-checking to avoid product quality problems.


The main advantages of door locks.


As mentioned earlier, our commercial door locks are finished with excellent surface treatment and quality processing to ensure their durability. The door locks can be used in a wide range of applications, whether in different scenarios such as home yards, hotels or offices. The locks have the stability and security that our door locks have. If you need to know more information about door locks, please contact us promptly.

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