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How to choose a Door hinge?

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How to choose a Door hinge?

The product we are presenting today is the door hinge, an important component for safety and security, which is used to connect various doors. In this article, we will describe the functions and types of door hinges, as well as some advice on how to choose them.


·What’s a door hinge?

·The common types of a door hinge.

·What are the precautions when choosing a Door hinge?


What's a door hinge?


In terms of function, the door hinge is a device that allows the door to open and close in a natural and smooth rotation, and it is an important component of the door. The hinge is a type of door hardware and consists of a hinge holder and a hinge body, one end of which is connected to the door frame by an arbor and the other to the door.


The common types of door hinge.

door hinge door hinge


·Stainless steel ball bearing hinges

The stainless steel ball bearing hinge is one of the most common hinges on the market and is the main type of door hinge produced by our company. The most important feature of these hinges is that they are durable and at the same time easy to use. As a professional hinge supplier in China, we have strict quality control and requirements, making the coaches suitable for different door industries.

 fire rated door hinge

·Fire door hinges

The main material of the fire door hinge is also stainless steel. In terms of structural design, it comes with two hinge ball bearings with five steering knuckles, a button tip with no rising pin and a plug. It is used for hissing, it retains its original shape and it does not yellow or rust. The resistance to wear and tear greatly reduces the likelihood of wooden door hinges getting old and deteriorating. Stainless steel wooden door hinges also hold up.


Door hinges are available in a wide range of types. In addition to the types mentioned above, we also have CE ball door hinges, UL fire door hinges, etc. These are all hardware products that can be used for wooden, metal and steel doors.


What are the precautions when choosing a Door hinge?


·Observe the details of the product

Details can see whether the door hinges are of excellent quality, thus confirming whether the quality is outstanding. Poor quality door hinges generally use thin iron and other cheap metal made of cabinet door stretching raw and even have a harsh sound. This is due to the small manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the use of poor quality metal. Therefore, when buying door hinges, it is best to choose a manufacturer with a large reputation.


·Experience the hand feel

The feel of the hinge is one of the most important judgment factors when looking at the door hinges. Different hinges with different strengths and weaknesses feel different in your hand when you use them. Generally speaking, hinges with superior quality have a softer force when opening the cabinet door, and the rebound force can be said to be very even, while door hinges with poor quality do not have this feature.


This is all the information about door hinges, which are an important part of them. We have strict control over the quality of our products. Therefore, our door hinges have the characteristics of high quality, durability, and rust resistance. At the same time, our door hinges are also very customizable and can be customized to different sizes and models according to your needs.

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