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How to choose Door Scheduling (2) ?

Views: 54     Author: D&D Hardware     Publish Time: 2018-01-18      Origin: D&D Hardware

From the last article (How to choose Door Scheduling (1) ?

 we learn about the factors, steps and Successive sequence of door scheduling. Now we continue to learn to choose Door Scheduling.

1.Door Scheduling——Door Table 

Door Table -D&D Hardware

2.Door Scheduling——List

List-D&D Hardware

List-D&D Hardware

3.Door Scheduling

3.1 F1-001——F1-003

F1-001——F1-003-D&D Hardware

F1-001——F1-003-D&D Hardware

3.2 F1-004——F1-005

F1-004——F1-005-D&D Hardware

F1-004——F1-005-D&D Hardware

3.3 F1-007

F1-007-D&D Hardware

3.4 F1-016

F1-016-D&D Hardware

F1-016-D&D Hardware

3.5 F1-020

F1-020-D&D Hardware

3.6 F1-006

F1-006-D&D Hardware

F1-006-D&D Hardware

3.7 F1-009——F1-011

F1-009——F1-011-D&D Hardware

3.8 F1-012——F1-013

F1-012——F1-013-D&D Hardware

3.9 F1-014——F1-015

F1-014——F1-015-D&D Hardware

F1-014——F1-015-D&D Hardware

3.10 F1-017

F1-017-D&D Hardware

3.11 F1-018

F1-018-D&D Hardware

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