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How to Install a Door Closer?

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How to Install a Door Closer?

A door closer prevents damage caused when doors open or close too fast. The device causes doors to close slowly, eliminating the issues associated with slamming doors. Unlike commercial door closers, residential door closers are available in a variety of colors and styles. Installing a door closer is an easy process that requires following a few straightforward steps.


Prep the Door

To install a door closer, identify the type of door you have, and use a tape measure to obtain the exact dimensions of the door. Different door types and sizes can require a specific type of closer. If an existing door closer is present, remove the door closer by removing the screws that connect the closer to the door jamb and the door. Pull the closer away from the door jamb and the door after all the screws are removed.


Create Pilot Holes

For doors with an existing closer, holes are already in place. However, when installing a door closer on a new door, you must use the paper template packaged with the closer to create pilot holes. Position the paper template on the door and the door jamb. Use tape to hold the template in place. Use a marker to mark the location of each hole on the door and the door jamb. Next, use a power drill to create the holes for the closer on both the door and the door jamb.


Attach the Closer

Align the holes on the new door closer with the pilot holes on the door jamb. Insert the first screw and use the power drill to slightly tighten the door closer to the jamb. Repeat this step for the remaining screws on the closer. Next, align the holes on the arm bracket with the holes on the door. Insert the first screw, and use the drill to tighten the arm bracket to the door. Repeat this step for the remaining screws on the arm bracket.


Connect Closing Arms

After the door closer is attached to the door jamb and the arm bracket is attached to the door, connect the closing arms. Connect the half of the closing arm on the bracket to the half of the closing arm on the closer. On many door closers, a pin is used to hold the closing arms together. Once the closing arms are connected, use a screwdriver or drill to tighten all the screws on the closer and door.


Test the Closer

To test the door closer, open the door, and observe the closing motion. To adjust the speed of the door closer, turn the pressure screw on the pneumatic cylinder. Turning the screw slightly works well for finding the desired speed of the door.

How to Buy Supplies to Install a Door Closer on D&D?

Purchasing products and tools to install a door closer on D&D involves a few straightforward steps. To begin, type the name of the product or tool you need into the Search bar found at the top of any page. D&D HARDWARE provide high quality door closer to commercial door. In there, you will choose what you need.

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