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Hinge for Fire-Resisting Doors(3)

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Hinge for Fire-Resisting Doors(3)

Precautions Before Installation of Fire Rated Door Hinge

Due to tooling costs and similar considerations, variations of hinge sizes and fixing methods are not easily accommodated on a steel door. Steel door manufacturers generally provide their own steel hinges, which otherwise comply with these requirements, as part of the fire-resisting steel door-set and these are covered by evidence of performance.


In this regard, we must understand the impact of hinges on fire doors:


1. Torque

The torque between the two hinge leaves is important. Limits of this torque are set down in BS EN 1935; the low torque requirement of the hinge is necessary to allow the door closing device to overcome the resistance of the latch bolt and/or seal pressure. The requirements range between 2 Nm and 4 Nm dependent on the grade of hinge from 7 to 14. Hinges fitted on fire-resisting doors that are on accessible routes should have the lowest possible torque.


2. Number and Position of Hinges

In all cases reference should be made to the fire test evidence, and the tested condition should be followed. The necessary information should be on the fire door’s data sheet.

It is usual for at least 3 hinges to be fitted on fire and escape route doors. With fire-resisting doors becoming heavier, there is a practice to fit two hinges at the top of the door with the third hinge at the bottom of the door. It is unsafe to alter the “as tested” position of a hinge on a fire door, without assessment from a suitably qualified authority.

For doors heavier than 160 kg or exceeding 2000 mm in height and 1000 mm in width, a recommendation from the hinge and/or door manufacturer should be obtained.(A wide door is one where the width is more than half the height.)



3. Influence of Door Closing devices

When using the door closer, the increased load of the hinge must be considered.Door closer put extra stress on hinges, which has significance for fire-resisting and escape doors. This has been addressed in BS EN 1935, annex E, as follows: “For a standard door closing device it is recommended that the door mass should be notionally increased by 20%. The effect of a back-check door closing device is greater and it is recommended that the door mass should be notionally increased by 75%.



4. The size of fire rated door hinge

Hinges are available in a range of sizes, which relate to the mass and size of the door.



5. Melting Point

The melting point of the hinge of the fire door is not less than 800 degrees Celsius.


The fire door hinge is the center of the fire door suspension system. It is responsible for opening and closing the door in daily use. It can withstand the flame temperature in the event of a fire, ensure the functionality of the fire door, and protect people from using the fire door to escape. In order to ensure that the function of the fire door can be normally played, the hinge of the fire door must meet the requirements of the law, and also meet the requirements of matching the fire door and the hardware of the fire door.

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