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Application Technique of Door Hardware

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Door hardware has a very important position in the modern complex function construction project.

Standardized and professional hardware plays an important role in ensuring the operation, safe escape, security, environmental comfort and aesthetic of a building.

8 considerations of configuration (Core application technology in the industry) as below:

1. Specification: The width, height and thickness of the door

2. Weight: Weight of the door

3. Security: Security requirements

4. Standard: Service life, safety grade

5. Regulations: Fire and building regulations

6. Structure: Door and door frame structure

7. Profile: Door and door frame slot

8. Open: single or double direction, single or double door, left or right.

8 considerations of configuration-D&D HARDWARE

D&D HARDWARE has over 12 year's experiences manufacturing & suppling architectural hardwareproducts for Wooden Doors, Metal Doors & Fire Door in China, such as Stainless Steel Door Hinges, Door Locks, Lever Handles,  Door Closers, Exit Devices, Door Stoppers, Door Bolts and Door Accessories etc, not only door hardware but also Door Opening solution.

1.Stainless Steel Door Hinges


Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Hinge-D&D Hardware

2.Door Locks

Mortise Lock-D&D Hardware

3.Lever Handles

Safety Lever Door Handle-D&D Hardware

4.Door Closers

Fire Rated Door Closer-D&D Hardware

5.Exit Devices

Stainless Steel Panic Exit Device-D&D Hardware

6.Door Stoppers


Door Stopper-D&D Hardware

7.Door Bolts

Door Bolt-D&D Hardware


All our products strictly according to international Standard, such as the ANSI, BS EN/CE, UL, BHMA standard.


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